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April 18,2000
We attended the Moonport cat show last weekend and had a fun time showing Salem, Wisteria and Willow, who lives with Laurie and Wendell in Columbia, SC.

Willow and Wisty were very best buddies when Willow was growing up here but hadn't seen each other for almost a month. The first time they saw each other at the weekend they hissed but that was the last time for hissing. They played together non-stop and my body was a mark of their course in the all night Birman races.

Willow is such a love and a really gorgeous girl. She managed to make two finals at the show, one third place and one 7th place. We were all very proud of her especially as she was the only Birman kitten at the show. Salem picked up one final, a 9th best, and a few more points towards his "grand premier." Wisteria has never had much of a ruff around her neck so even though she has a great body and a cute expression she isn't competitive with cats who have more coat. It would also help if she liked being judged better. She's fine with all the rest of the showing process, especially playing with her baby sister. I'm holding my breath that Willow continues to like the shows.

Our guys will have some time off from shows while we finish preparing for our daughter's wedding at the end of May. We are expecting a visit from a Dutch breeder a week or so before the wedding so have that to look forward to before we get back to showing and having kittens.