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Apr 24, 2001
On Tuesday, April 24, Wisteria and Sunny had a litter of three nice kittens. Because there is a blood typing issue between the parents, their humans had to hand feed the babies for the first 18 hours so that they wouldn't become ill from early mother's milk.

Sunny is blood type A; Wisty is type B. Blood typing our breeding stock is just one of the details of being a responsible breeder.

All three kittens are feeding lustily now and growing well, although one has needed some extra hand feeding to keep up. The bigger kittens tend to elbow their way into the prime locations on mother's milk bar.

These kittens will be seal or blue and will carry chocolate (Dilute) from their lilac mother. Follow this link for more on cat genetics.

We welcome them as the first litter we've had at our house since October, 1999. We have co-owned other litters in between but the ones you raise in your own home are the most special. We're thinking of Y names for these three.