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June 23, 1999 The kittens are 3 weeks old today and we had the weigh in this morning. All of them are growing nicely and staying within 1/2 ounce of each other in weight. All the eyes are also open and babies are struggling to focus on the big moving blobs that DON'T mew (that's us). I have pulled back a corner of the drape today so the kittens can begin to actually see their environment. The first couple have fallen out the open door of their cage so they are becoming more mobile and we must become more careful with the door. The mothers are still doing well in their communal nursery. Both moms take equal responsibility for the kittens. I was trimming toe nails on the kittens today and they didn't think a lot of that, so when the babies hollered the mothers came over at the same time and it didn't matter who's kitten was getting done at that time. It will be fun to watch this blended family as they become more aware of their surroundings in the coming weeks.

We went to a big Birman show in Dallas this weekend and took along Debbie and Ted and baby Huey. We had decided that Huey was a seal tortie point just like her mama, Picabo, but after talking with other breeders and looking at her pedigree again we have determined that she is really a chocolate tortie. Now we have to change her registration ! Along with colors and sexes: Peti's girls are chocolate and lilac, very exciting for us as they are the first we have ever bred; Tinkie's kittens we now think are all girls and all are seal. This is, of course, subject to revision, but we'll go forward for now with these assumptions.