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October 3, 1999 The first kitten went to her new home on Friday. She is the personal pet for a charming young man named Robert and they are getting along very well. It's funny how kittens know who they are right for and who will be their human. I think Winkle, the kitten, and Robert will be a very good match.

We've had lots of visitors in the last week or so. We have Picabo McCarthy, our co-owned seal tortie point girl, who came over from Tucker, GA to see Sunny about some kittens this weekend. They have taken it on as a project and are working on it together. Additionally we have a six week visitor, Frostie, one of our "R" year kittens who needed a home for 6 weeks while her family does some restructuring. She's very shy and needs to be around people a bit more than she has been. We'll be working with her.

Peti, Wisty's mother who had the c-section litter in June, had to be bred because we couldn't get her to come out of heat. We were much in hopes that the breeding wouldn't take but it seems to have so we will be looking for her to have her kittens around October 24. The father is Rapture so we know from our past experience that the two of them produced some really cute kittens. These, as are all of Rapture's children, will be seal.