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Aug 11, 2007

Grand Premier Golden Seal Blaze 


d2007-08-11 d2007-08-11

This is Grand Premier Golden Seal Blaze (seal tortie point). She and her half sister Golden Seal Cinnamon (red point) live together and manage life for Wendy Darlow. They attend cat shows with us where Blaze is a fine exhibit and example of the Birman breed. 

Blaze really isn't that keen on shows but she so adores Wendy that she goes and makes the best of having other people admire her. Blaze achieved stardom early in life when she was featured on the CFA Members Directory. You can see that she still retains her eponymous blaze.

Cinnamon is the female version of our last stud, Zander, who is her father. She is a beautiful girl and was intended to be in the breeding program until she developed a tiny tail kink. She now does PR work for Blaze at shows and is almost always the only red point girl at any show.