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October 30,2000

The red kittens have come a long way in their first 9 weeks of life. We had a lot of doubts about the tortie entry in this litter but she has shown herself to be the daredevil diving queen of the lot. She can now sail over the combination baby gate and cardboard barricade constructed to retain the babies in safety by getting a running start, tucking her head and launching herself over the top !! Night life for these kittens will soon move to the safety of a large cage so parents, Debbie and Ted, can get a little sleep.

The kittens had their first visitors this weekend and two of the kittens are now deposited. Due to other commitments it will be a couple of weeks before other visitors will be able to come by. We intend to keep the tortie girl for the breeding program and haven't decided for sure on the smallest seal girl. All kittens are now voraciously eating wet food 3-4 times a day. The next few weeks should make all the difference for them as they grow and mature.

On the adult front, Willow will be attending Cotton States Cat Club show this coming weekend along with U. R. Salem who now lives in a pet home. Both are trying to grand, Salem, needing 4 points in premiership, and Willow, needing 60 points in championship. Additional entries are GP Heartbir's Scarlet O'Hara, PR Golden Seal Purrcise Impression (Jim), who's there to help out his buddy, Salem, and Tai Ming's Topper, the fabulous seal lynx neuter we show for our friend, Frances Price.

We are hoping that our girls Wisteria, LP, Wanita, SP, and Peti, BP will all breed in the near future. As soon as Willow completes her grand championships in CFA and TICA we'll add her to the list of wannabe moms.