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May 5,1999 Our blue point girl, Peti, came home on Monday from breeding with our chocolate stud, Doonie. She and Tinkie will be due to have their families within a day or so of each other. This will make June an exciting time for us with two litters on the ground at the same time.

We're planning to go to the cat show in Chattanooga with Rapture and Red at Memorial Day. This will be Red's first official outing and he was nominated from the red factor group because his sister Picabo will still be looking after the baby, Huey the Valentine girl, plus the fact that Red is a most relaxed boy. It is unusual for a cat to begin a show career at almost 2 years of age but I think Red is up to the task and this will be the first opportunity for the red factor cats to appear in CFA rings. We also hope that Rapture can finish his grand quest at this show. He is very close now.

We also rehomed Commie; he was one of Rapsodie's kittens of 2 years ago who came back to us due to domestic changes in his family with which he could not cope. Our cat sitter fell in love with him during her visits and finally broke down and had to take him home with her last week. Such is the fate of those who meet a Birman.