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Jun 21,  2002
12 weeks old, The Magnificent Seven

The kittens are now about 12 weeks old and really getting full of themselves. All but one has his/her permanent "call name" which is the name they will be known as by their new family. So here we are calling Shadow, Leo, Chanel, Daggie, Zachery etc. Makes a change to Blue Boy, Red Spot, Blue Spot which is where they began with us. 

Peggy is now Dagwood (Daggie) and will be joining the current resident, Blondie, in his new home. Daggie does not let a missing foot slow him down.

They do everything in hyperdrive, racing up and down the sitting room and kitchen and, their favorite, racing each other up the stairs!! Because there are so many of them mealtimes are another amazing event. Their "home" is one of two big cages in our kitchen and they come out for play time between feedings and naps. The 4 boys go in the tall cage and the 3 girls go in the shorter cage. (These cages are identical in outside dimensions but one stands on a short end and the other is on a long side.) I put the food on the plates and then call "Kitten, kitten," and they all tangle in my feet to race me to the cages. I get the boys situated first because they are the most aggressive. When I put the plate in their cage they fall on it like a pack of piranha fish. I've taken to calling them the "Piranha Brothers," with apologies to Monty Python. The girls are ever so slightly more reserved. One is even a little bit blonde and I have to point her in the right direction from time to time. After they feed and wash up they retire to their hammocks and beds and snuggle down for a nap. They are still eating 3 times a day, wet food, and snacking on dry in between. It doesn't seem to matter when they last ate a wet meal, they could do it again. They are beginning to sample human offerings such as a pudding bowl or the plate that had white sauce left on it. They do a creditable job at preliminary washing up.

We should see lots of changes and growth with maturity in their last month in the crèche. They'll be going to their new homes at the end of the third week of July.