Golden Seal Birmans
Atlanta, GA, USA
b. 13 oct, 2002
Sire: Redeemer
Dam: Xara

Zachary and his brother Zeus before leaving home. (Don't ask who's who)

3 March, 2003


I did get by the Red Bandana and bought Zachary some of that kitty litter and natural cat food. He is so funny when he eats the dry food. He will scoop a few pieces out onto the mat and eat them from there. He won't eat out of the bowl (except for the wet food). He is doing great! We are all in love with him. I took some pictures, but his eyes were sometimes yellow, and sometimes red (even when I used the red eye reduction in the camara). Do you have a tip on how to get pictures that really show eye color?



19 February, 2003

Zachary is feeling at home now. He is playing with his new toys, eating well, and using the litterbox. He is becoming friends with my daughter's Calico, Lily. He has a great personality. We purchased one of the toys that has a mouse that will spin around. He loves to play with it. He is also a snuggler (exactly what I wanted). My son and Zachary snuggled for a long time yesterday. Wow, what a treasure! He is a great addition to our family. The only problem is.. it is hard to work when he is around. He is so cute, that you can't help petting him and loving him.

Thank you


17 February, 2003

They love him! He is eating this morning and seems to be taking things in a bit more. Another day or so and I am sure he will be feeling very comfortable. He is crawling on my legs right now.

Thank you


16 February, 2003

We have decided to name the kitty Zachary. He is safely in my room with his own litterbox, food and water. He is being shy right now, but purrs when we hold and pet him. I am sure he will get used to his new environment soon. He is really beautiful! Thanks so much for taking great care of Zachary. We will do the same and follow all of your advise and suggestions.

I will keep you posted on Zach's activities.

You guys take care!


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