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We have been breeding and showing Birmans since 1989. Our kittens are raised in our home and are thoroughly spoiled by the time they are ready to move to an equally loving home.

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Paul & Sallie Smith


Experienced Birmans

An Experienced Birman is an older cat; sometimes retired from the breeding program, sometimes from the show circuit, sometimes because their previous owners can no longer provide a home.

An Experienced Birman can be a good first Birman or, indeed, could remain a single companion for cat-lovers who are not ready for the exuberance and unpredictability of a kitten, but who want a faithful companion with an established personality to match their own situation.

Here are some Birman Tails from Experienced Birmans who we have placed.

Tuffy Rapture Wendy Peti
Redeemer Topper Wanita(Syndi) Wisty


Cattery Diary

Read about some of the past events of Golden Seal Birmans in our Cattery Diary section. 

Current events are now posted on Facebook at Golden Seal Birmans.

Permanent tributes will also continue to be posted in our Cattery Diary.


Birman Tails

People ask us how we can bear to part with such cute kittens. We tell them that we view our Birmans as missionaries going forth to convert new families to Birmandom. 

Read some older "tails from the missionaries" in our Birman Tails section.

We encourage our newer Golden Seal Birman families to post their Birman Tail on Facebook at Golden Seal Birmans.

Tai Ming Birmans

Frances Price bred Birmans under the cattery name Tai Ming from 1968 until she retired in 2001. Her influence on Birmans in the US was enormous. We were privileged to have been mentored by Frances from 1989 until she retired. She was our teacher and our friend. Frances died in Boone, N.C. on January 18, 2004.

View our memorial page to Frances Price, Tai Ming Birmans


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