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Atlanta, GA, USA

GRC Heartbir's Redeemer (LP)

Birth: 3-April-1994
Sire: Santal Pashmak
Dam: Heartbir's Philomela

(Ed: Redeemer joined Golden Seal in June 2001 as his final stop in his studly career. After many beautiful kittens he retired and was adopted by a young couple just finishing their medical training and about to get married. What better way to start life together than with an Experienced Birman.)

8 March 2003

I have been working a lot in the hospital until today. He is doing well, I think we have reached a compromise on the sleeping arrangements. He is a VERY affectionate cat, my roomate has grown quite fond of him. He loves the combing. He is anxiously awaiting me when I get home every day and follows me around the house like a dog. Quite adorable.

Take care, Jesse

3 March 2003


I will try the radio thing, that sounds like a good idea. I tried leaving him in the room while I sleep, but I got stepped on several times in the middle of the night, so I now have to close the door to my room.


3 March 2003


Alison and I made it back to Augusta and then I returned to Durham without incident. Deemer was a little overwhelmed with all of the new surrounding in Atlanta, Augusta, and now Durham. He tolerated the long car ride better than I did. I am trying to keep him in one room for a while here before letting him roam the house to let him settle in.

Otherwise all is well. He is without a doubt the cutest most well mannered cat I have ever met. I will keep you posted.



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