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Atlanta, GA, USA
Peti and Bastian
Peti and Bastian
b. 5-20-1997
Sire: CH Heartbir's Touch of Class
Dam: GRC Jinbirlee's Shadow of Heartbir


(Ed: Peti was retired from the Golden Seal breeding program and adopted by Kris and Jette. She now lives with them and their Maine Coon Cat, Bastian. As of Apr 2002, Bastian is an 8 month old kitten. Peti still comes out on the show circuit now and again as she accumulates points to her Grand. Which she did 3 November, 2002)
5 Jan, 2005

(Ed: In early 2004 Peti and family moved to Denmark; Bastian is no longer a kitten.)

Peti is doing really well, she is now a full Dane but still a queen :-) She calls me in the morning when I'm in bed and she is in the bathroom…."come on Jette, come out and give me some water in the zink"…. She and Bastian get along really well and everybody likes her :-) She has her times where she just follows me around no matter where I'm going and she does not stop until I take her up and pet her…I love her sooooo much, I think she will be a good baby sitter for the baby ;-)

I finally figured out what to give her to eat, she has a very sensitive stomach and now we are buying Euchanuba, and she has gained more weigth.

Bastian is the Lord of the house, Kris and him sometimes fight for power….it's really funny how that is, he really wants to be in charge :-)

I'm sending you a picture of them both, so you can see how good they get along.

9 July, 2002
Peti was sitting with me almost the whole night yesterday, just relaxing and being very affectionate. I enjoyed that as well as Peti did :-) She's a very special cat, she talks a lot and has to be on the table in the bathroom when we are there, so she can drink water from the faucet.

She loves to lie in one of the chairs out on the balcony or in the bedroom on a box near the window in the sun.....Sallie I love her soooo much and I'm so glad that we got her. Just wanted to let you know that ;-)

Well, Bastian can get jealous some times, but its not bad and e.g. what he does is, he just walks up on the bed and walks all over us to let us know that he also is in the house. But its not bad, they have each their time during the day, where they want to talk. They get along really great.

Jette :-)

18 May, 2002
Right now Bastian and Peti are playing, she is really getting into that. I can tell they like each other because they like to sit together out on the terrace. They like being out there and yesterday I was doing some gardening, putting tomato plants and herbs into pots. That was pretty exciting for them...haha!!!

Talk to you later.
Jette :-)

21 April, 2002

Some pictures of Peti in her new home with Bastian.

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