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Mei-Mei & Bauo-Bauo

Golden Seal Whoudina (SP-spay) - 'Mei-Mei'
b. 7 December, 1999
Sire: GRC Mr. Shalimar Uluru Sunrise - 'Sunny'
Dam: Golden Seal Ultimate Tortette - 'Picabo'

Golden Seal XP-alidocious (BP-spay) - 'Bauo-Bauo'
b. 26 August, 2000
Sire: "Doonie" - CH Koalakats Sweet Success of Tai Ming.
Dam: "Huey" - Golden Seal What a Valentine (Seal Tortie Point, 4th generation)

Mei-Mei with Spottie
14 Apr, 2001: More pictures of Mei-Mei, Bauo-Bauo and Spottie

23 Jan, 2002
Hi Sallie! Well, I haven't done an update in a long time, have I? The kitties loved Christmas! Oh yes they did. They were the first ones to open presents... that weren't theirs. First, they took off all of the bows on the presents, and then they bit all the corners of the wrapping paper off on the boxes.

They've grown. Bauo still isn't as big as Mei, but I don't think she'll ever get to be that large. Mei-Mei looks huge but is very light while Bauo-Bauo looks small and cute...but is very heavy! Bauo-Bauo is so cute and such a sweetie. She's very shy but loves to be around people like Mei. Mei is very territorial, though, and doesn't let Bauo come anywhere near her when she's with us. Poor Bauo!

She is such a scaredy cat though! Very afraid of loud noises, especially the piano and vacuum cleaner. We were hoping she would get used to the piano though, but she hasn't.

I had a party last Saturday and the cats loved it because of all the people. Bauo-Bauo was smarter than Mei; she ran when someone bent down to pick her up. Mei became very aggravated when she was hauled around all night.

I heard Jordan got a new kitten! They say she/he is very sweet, meows a lot, and falls asleep when you pick it up. So they called it "Gentle". That's one way to translate it I guess. I really want to see his new kitty!

I think that that's about it! They're sweet as ever and everyone loves them to death. None of my friends believe me when I tell them that my cats don't scratch or bite. Well, Mei does still give "love bites" on the face that rrealllly hurt, but that doesn't really count. My uncle came to see them...and he said that they were either genetically engineered or robot cats! Bauo-Bauo meows a lot more than she did before. It's really cute. They keep each other company, which was the point of getting the second, so I'm glad I made the decision. Thanks a bunch!


30 July, 2001
Hello Sallie!

Well, thought it was time for another update!! (And how are the kittens?) I just came back from a 3-week camp, so I haven't had any time for e-mails!

Contrary to what we thought at first, Bauo-Bauo is much sweeter and has a much better temper than Mei-Mei does!! Yesterday, for example, while we were clipping Bauo's nails, she began to purr and was really good. Mei, on the other hand, kicked and hissed and spat like she usually does. I guess we must have spoiled her before the little one came! But they don't fight much anymore. Maybe they're tired of fighting or maybe they just aren't as jealous of each other (or should I say that Mei-Mei just isn't jealous anymore).

I took some more pictures of them but haven't had time to get them developed yet.....I'll send them to you asap. They're both very beautiful kitties and very very sweet (most of the time) as well. They're really good company and they are following me around more than usual....making sure that I don't leave them by themselves for another month! I have to say that I missed them too and I bought a stuffed animal that looked exactly like a mix between the two! And the funny thing is, the stuffed animal has a little bell around its neck just like MiMi. I thought it was really cute.

That's about it for this time! More next time!


6 April, 2001
Hi! Well, here's an update on our two kitties. We just came home yesterday from a 6 day trip to Orlando, and one of my brother's friends offered to watch the two. When we came back, Bauo-Bauo grew soo much! She's not quite as big as Mei-Mei yet, but she's gotten pretty big. We could really tell when she sat in her pineapple tree!

We have a pineapple tree, that's still pretty small, in a big round pot. She used to sleep in it every day and fit just perfectly. But today, she went in it and hardly fit! It was really funny today because the pineapple used to be on a shelf-like thing with a lot of other plants, but today we were moving all of the plants out of the house onto the deck because it was Spring. I moved all the plants onto a table and went to practice piano, but an hour later, I couldn't find Bauo-Bauo anywhere. Finally my mom started laughing, and we found her sitting in the pineapple pot on the table! It was really funny! And I was also really surprised today when I went on your webpage because I looked at one of the pictures of Sunny, Mei-Mei's father, and Mei-Mei looks exactly like him! The face, the color, and everything. Just to give you an idea of how she looks now!


11 January, 2001
Last night, we split them up. Mei-Mei slept with me and XP with my brother. Poor Mei-Mei, she's so angry with me she won't even let me touch her! Well, I'll tell you how it's going!


10 January, 2001

(Ed: Ming-Yee acquired their second Golden Seal Birman, 'XP', from Picabo-and-Huey's red litter. The fun begins...)

Well, things have NOT been going well between Mei-Mei and XP. We have decided to name her, well I don't know how to spell it, but something that means "precious". She's very sweet and smart, and unlike Mei-Mei, has not meowed around the house looking for the other cats. She is much more daring but talks a lot less. We got home around 4 and now it's almost 10 and they're still hissing at each other. How long will it last? Well, we separated them for a while, and let them look at each other after a while when they felt like it. XP's claws are just REALLY really long! We tried to cut them, but in her attempt to escape, she scratched me. Was she always bad when you cut her nails? Well, maybe she's not used to us yet! That's it for the first day! We love XP, thank you for her!

Thanx again,

8 December, 2000

(Ed: Mei-Mei's behavior was resolved by attentive maintenance of the litter box.)

Hello! Tomorrow's Mei-Mei's first birthday if I didn't remember the wrong date! We bought her a larger litter box for her...the other one was too small! The picture of the kittens is so cute! Mei-Mei just loves Christmas: she almost pulled down the Christmas tree! My mom has a bow that has ribbons hanging down. She pulled it and was running around the room with it! Good thing we tie the Christmas tree every year! Every year we set up cards on the fireplace. We forgot that the fireplace is also one of her favorite places to sit! She's knocked down the cards a number of times already! She also enjoys batting at the stockings. The Christmas tree is also one of her favorite hiding places. She's been hiding behind it and on the tree skirt. Not only has she been being naughty for the Christmas things, she's just been overall, as my dad says, "committing more crimes". For some reason, she has been "pooping" all over the house! We've squirted her with the water and brought her back to the spot and said "No!" She even went on my parents' bed! I think she gets it now, though.

Mei-Mei now has a set schedule every day: at around 6:00, my mom's alarm clock goes off the first time. Mei-Mei will run to the door and wait for Mom to come out, and then run to my brother's room, jump on the bed, and lick him until he wakes up. Afterwards, she'll come back and sleep with me until the alarm goes off again..this second time, she wakes me up for school. At night, any time after 9:00 she considers as "nap time". During that time, she'll follow me everywhere, afraid I'll go to sleep without her! She's a really good buddy, though. Not only at night, but when I'm doing my homework and playing piano as well! During piano, she'll either sit on the pedals or jump on the bench right beside me. Everyone in the family and everyone outside, too, just adore our new little member!

Sincerely, Ming-Yee

25 July, 2000
Hello!! Mei-Mei hurt her foot and couldn't walk or jump for a week or so! She was chasing this little ball and fell down the stairs and we're guessing she sprained it or something during the fall. She had a limp for quite a while! She's all better now, well partly, she still jumps very seldomly.

Well one day, a while ago, we were eating breakfast and she jumped on the very tip top of the back of a chair! She looked like a little parrot tilting back and forth with all four of her feet on the back of the chair! She loves her rabbit playmate (Spottie). Whenever we open any of the deck doors and call,"Spot!!" she's there immediatly and looking all over for her. Even if she's fast asleep and we put the rabbit in, she'll jump up wide awake and start licking Spot!! She's been a very good girl and we all love her very much!


21 May, 2000
Hello! Well, little Mei-Mei knows her home now! She'll just find someone's bed and just plop down. She knows her name and will come when you call her (if she feels like it!) Whenever I go somewhere and she doesn't know where I went, she'll start meowing and when I call her, she gets a little closer then meows again.

She's very bad when we try to cut her nails. She bites and hisses and twists and turns, but if she does bite, she knows that it's wrong and she'll pretend to be licking you instead. One time she fidgeted just a bit too much and my mom made her bleed a little, not a lot. Mei-Mei got very mad at both my mom and me and she pretended to go to sleep, but she kept looking at us with one eye. She wouldn't let us hold her or anything! She just kept giving us very strange looks.

She is SUCH a good jumper! My dad just loves to see her jump and do twists in the air. Mei-Mei likes to lie on her back and stretch all the way out. She's so pretty now! Her colors are getting darker, but she doesn't seem to be getting that much bigger. We took her to get her rabies shot, too. The vet said she was wonderful. The vet said that she was 6 pounds! She feels like she's only two pounds!

She likes to follow people around. In the morning when my mom is the only one at home, she'll follow my mom around. My mom's usually cleaning, so she's always getting too curious. (What I mean by that is that sometimes my mom doesn't realize it, but she locks Mei-Mei in a closet or something!) Well she's wonderful and we all love her very,very much! Thank you for all of your help and thank you for letting me have such a wonderful kitten!

Ming-Yee Lin

23 April, 2000
Hello! This is another update on little Mei-Mei. We put her, once again with the rabbit. She has grown a lot! She's almost as big as the rabbit! Well, the rabbit isn't afraid of her anymore and goes on with her regular sniffing and exploring. She also approaches Mei-Mei! Well, one time, when the rabbit seemed to be going a little too fast for the kitten, she pounced on her head! Poor Spot, she was scared to death. I was mad at Mei-Mei, but my dad was cheering her on, saying how beautiful her jump was! Well, I guess I'll have to be more careful with them now.

At night, no matter how tired she looks, Mei-Mei must have her little hyper stage. She runs around the house, up the stairs, down the stairs, then runs into my room and jumps onto the scratching post right next to my window. Sometimes she misses since she's still a little too small for the post and she falls off. Then at about 11 or 12 o'clock, she'll jump on my bed right next to my head on her pillow and fall asleep. I have to learn not to pet her at night. If I do, she'll know I'm awake and start purring and meowing. She talks too much at night. She also tries to clean my face, but it hurts so much!! I have to keep pushing her to the side. This little act is usually around 7:30. Oh well, that's almost the time I have to wake up for school, anyways. Since she won't let me sleep at night, we've been trying very hard to keep her from sleeping too much in the daytime so she'll go to sleep earlier at night.

We have a dog that we keep outside. Inside, there's a little window area where we can see the dog. My mom was waiting for me to come home from school, so she picked up Mei-Mei and put her by the window where she could see the dog. My mom also opened up the window to the screen part so they could get some air. The dog, Belle, was very excited and started to wag her tail. She also started whimpering and standing up. Mei-Mei was very, very scared and she puffed up all her fur and her tail too. Then she ran out of the kitchen. When I got home a few minutes later, she wouldn't come in the kitchen and started hissing!

Well, we'll have to see what happens next!

Ming-Yee Lin

14 April, 2000
Hello! This is just a little update on Mei-Mei. She is still being wonderful, but now that she's settled in more, she is becoming to be more daring. She is approaching the rabbit now, and to our surprise, licks her! Sometimes she looks as if she were about to pounce, though. We have been having to use the "secret weapon" more now, which is the squirt bottle. She loves to bite our feet, and we're trying to get rid of this bad habit. She also tries to eat the plants, or at least it seems that way. She sometimes has a tendency to scratch the wrong things. She doesn't really enjoy being groomed that much. She likes to bite the comb instead.

She is still a sweetheart and we love her a lot. We're beginning to let her out at night, when we used to keep her in my room to keep her from trouble. She's been a very good girl. No disasters yet, but we're ready for any!


3 April, 2000
Hello! Everything's fine. Mei-mei misses everyone and cries and whines a lot when we're not playing with her. She didn't eat that much the first day, but recovered quickly. She's learning her new name very quickly!

She loves everyone and everything. We tried to introduce her to the rabbit, but it was a little too much. She hissed at her. She also decided to join in on the piano with us.

We love our new family member! Thanks for everything! (she's fascinated by everything! p.s. she's here right now stepping on the keyboard!)


Mei-Mei and siblings at 3 months

Corrigan, Wilbur & Whoudina (Mei-Mei)

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