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Atlanta, GA, USA
(Big) Maxx and Wanita (Sydni)

Golden Seal XL Biggers

b. 26 August, 2000
Sire: "Doonie" - CH Koalakats Sweet Success of Tai Ming.
Dam: "Huey" - Golden Seal What a Valentine (Seal Tortie Point, 4th generation)

Golden Seal Wanita


10 Mar, 2003

Thanks for sharing the picture. we will definitely have a party for the 2 of them. Wanita (we are now calling her Sydni, and she is coming to us by that name already) and Maxx are playing really well together and she likes Bill the best. She will let me rub her in the mornings. She does not like her nails clipped at all. What is the huffing about??? Maxx has now picked it up. That is so funny to me, I have never had a cat do that before....well, maybe my other Birman did it a little. Is it a trait of theirs???? (Ed: yes; the "Birman huff" is legendary, and Wanita was a Master Huffer.)

Thanks again for sharing,


26 Feb, 2003

You will be happy to know that all is well in the Marks household. Maxx and Wanita are now the best of buddies, playing and sleeping together. They just had to "come to terms" their way in their time and we let them do it their way. They are having a lot of fun now.....maybe too much. hahahahaha.

We will keep you posted

Take care,


21 Feb, 2003

Hi Sallie,

Just wanted to give you an update on Wanita. She is getting along just fine. Still not totally sure of her surroundings yet and I think that will probably take a little time. She is still a little timid with me, but is very comfortable with Bill . I kinda thought she would be a Daddy's girl, which he eats up. She and Maxx are still not sure of each other, however they do tolerate each other's presence in the same room, which is an improvement. The great news is she has made a lot of progress since we brought her home and we know that she will become more and more comfortable as time goes on. We love her very much and it takes a while for older cats to build up trust in new "parents". We have the patience and the love to wait for her to do just that.


10 Feb, 2003
(Ed: Pat took Wanita, an experienced Birman retired from the Golden Seal breeding program, as a companion for Maxx to live in Florida.)

We are doing good.  Wanita made the trip just fine. She slept the whole way.  She only cried when we made bathroom stops.  She is still  a little timid, but we had a great playtime this morning.  She is eating, drinking and using her litter box , which is a good sign. We love her already and know that she is going to be just fine in a few days.  Maxx knows someone is here and of course is not too happy about it, but we are giving him extra attention and letting him know he is still the Prince, that we just have a Princess joining him.  They will become best buddies very soon.  I will keep you posted.

My Best,


9 Oct, 2001
Sallie as promised, some of the pictures from The BIG Birthday Bash for Maxx. You will especially like the cakes that were served to all the guest. Mouse cakes!!!!

1  |   2  |   3  |   4  |   5  |   6

3 Oct, 2001
Maxx is doing great. I keep promising pictures and I do have birthday pictures... I just don't know how to get them open in the files Bill has them in, but I promise I will get him to do it next week.

Maxx is very happy and has quite the attitude of being in charge of everything and everybody. Coco and Dallas wouldn't know what to do without him. He is very funny and so precious and so handsome. He runs about 90 miles an hour from the front door and jumps on the back of the recliner and lays there and then does it again. He looks at us like we are supposed to be impressed. Then he starts chasing Dallas and they run up and down the stairs for a while. He is such a joy to us.

28 Feb, 2001
Maxx is GREAT. Getting very BIG not only in size but also in ATTITUDE!!!! He is something else. He is torturing Dallas daily. Dallas just growls and moves to another spot. Coco (the female black Persian ) and Maxx are best friends. She lays on the Ottoman and hangs the big black bushy tail off the side and flips it back and forth so Maxx will pounce on it. It is pretty funny to watch the 2 of them play. She is 12 or 13 years old. They chase each other up and down the steps at lighting speeds. She is really getting her exercise in.

My Best
Hugs and Huge licks from Big/Maxx

22 Jan, 2001
Thanks Sallie,

I will let them know. Thanks for the info. Big Max is doing great and one would never think that he ever had anything wrong! His eyes are bright again with no red rims, he is eating like a horse and playing as much as he can. I will take pictures soon and send you some.

I was bombarded with people at my church yesterday asking about how he was doing. They all prayed for him. The power of prayer is awesome!!!

Hope all is well. Thank you for your understanding and detective work.


18 Jan, 2001
(Ed: The presumed diagnosis was callici arthitis, a viral infection, which lasts about 48 hours.)

I am sorry that I haven't had time to send email. I just got to office and Vet did not call me until about 11:30.

Max' temp is down to 103+. They added an additional antibiotic this am as his temp was still 104. I am hopeful that it will continue to come down. Dr. Flood (who is my favorite vet) could not find a puncture wound. He was going to have Dr. Hill show him. Blood work came back normal. I was relieved about that. Dr. Flood seems to think it is viral and will pass. We will call again at 4 to see if temp is down and if it is at 103 we can bring him home. We will do what is best for MAX. If he needs to stay another night, then of course we will do that.

Dr. Flood said that he was such a gentleman. That he feels really poopy, but still very sweet.

I am feeling better about the situation. I apologize for the crying yesterday, but I was just a little overwhelmed with the whole situation. I just felt so helpless and there was nothing I could do to help him get better quick. I am sure that you can identify with that feeling. Many people have been praying for MAX and that is a comfort.

Please pass this info on to Debbie as I do not have email address with me.

Thanks and as soon as we hear today and get back, I will email you.


7 Jan, 2001
(Ed: Max went to his new home on 1/6/2001 - he is one of the Picabo-and-Huey kittens from Redville.)

Max is doing great. He is eating and drinking and playing a lot. He has had quite a few visitors, emails and phone calls. He is really sweet. He sleeps right beside me at night. He has a window seat, many interactive toys, cubbie holes to hide in, scratching post and many toys!!! He has met Dallas and Coco briefly. They are all still a little shy, but they will become very good friends soon.

Max says hello to you, Deb, and Ted. He misses you and wants you to come for a visit.

Thanks again and as soon as we have pictures, we will send them via email.


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