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"Mad" Max

Golden Seal Xing Delancy

b. 26 August, 2000
Sire: "Doonie" - CH Koalakats Sweet Success of Tai Ming.
Dam: "Huey" - Golden Seal What a Valentine (Seal Tortie Point, 4th generation)

18 Jun, 2002
Hi Sallie:

It has been a while since I gave you a Max update. He is doing great. Although he can be a pain. He is everywhere we are. I have tripped over him more times than I can count. He weighs well over ll pounds and growing. His new antics are he runs through the house and takes a flying leep for door frames. I have some neat scratches on them as he hangs on as he slides down. What fun. He also has decided he likes to drink out of the toilet. Not the normal way that animals do. Max scoops his paw in and licks it then scoops again. You never know when you are going to sit on a wet toilet seat around this house. I could understand it if he didn't have water in a regular water dish, but he chooses this way.

My mother was here for a couple a months from Illinois this winter and saw him for the first time. It was cute. She would just talk to him constantly. And he played up to her as he does everyone. Mom is coming back in July to see our new granddaughter (her great granddaughter) in Tucker and is looking forward to seeing the "Monster" as she calls him. She always asks what he is doing when I call her.

Tell Frances that the kitten my daughter got from her is doing good. She is more shy than Max. When I stayed with them after the baby was born, she actually warmed up to me. Even slept with me. Of course, I was the one who fed her when I was there, so that may be why. They are all settling in with the baby.

Saw the pictures of the kittens. Cannot believe Max was ever that little.

Well, I could go on about the big stinker, but you have probably heard it all before.

Take care.


29 Nov, 2001
Max is doing great. His birthday was a quiet one. I had him to the vet Saturday and he weighed in at 11.5 lbs. Just a baby. He is experiencing the Christmas tree for the first time, so that has been a challenge.

We had two workmen here Monday and he would not leave them alone. I told Ron he should have put him away in one of the other rooms so that he wouldn't be in the way. But the two guys kept playing with him so Ron left him out. They both said if they could have a cat as friendly as him they would have one. Max was such a help that he had paint on one ear. He is always underfoot. He has to be right where we are at all times (unless he is eating). If we don't pay attention to him he loves to nip at our feet. But we love him anyway.

Have a happy holiday. We will when our decorations are down.


11 Apr, 2001
We have added to Max's name. He has now been dubbed "Mad" Max. He is like a bull in a china shop. I weighed him last night and he is close to 10 lbs. I can't believe it. I didn't have a kitten long, although he still acts like one. Just doesn't look like it. Max still wakes me every night. He just wants his mom awake when he plays, I guess. It is tough though when I have to get up to go to work. I woke up one night and he was laying with his head on my pillow, sound asleep. So cute. Other than the fact he doesn't like to let me sleep and he is huge, everything else is going well.


15 Feb, 2001
Max has grown so much since we got him. He jumped on my chest tonight to lay down and I really noticed it. When we first brought him home he liked to lay there with his head up next to my neck. Now he is just a monster laying there. He must weigh as much as Tinker now. Although, that isn't such a big deal since she is all hair and little body.

When I got up this morning, Max was laying next to the dog on Bandit's bed. Tinker does that too. Poor Bandit. Cats just love him and he is so patient. Max loves to take swipes at Bandit's tail. Bandit just acts like it is no big deal.

Sometime if you are up our way you will have to stop in and see Max and where he lives now. We would love to have you.


15 Feb, 2001
Max did finally lose his baby teeth. His gums looked sore. I wonder if that wasn't causing the bad breath. I might just keep an eye on him a couple of days and check his stools. Maybe that caused the loose stool. I just think back to when my kids were little and new teeth were coming in. He still had all the teeth on Saturday and they were gone on Monday. Also, I have him on that new food the vet perscribed. Max likes it. But I think he would eat anything.

I will keep you posted. By the way, head butts we do not lack from since he came into our lives. That is his favorite thing.


21 Jan, 2001
Sometimes I feel we brought home a newborn baby instead of a kitten. Max loves to wake me during the night. Instead of a bottle, he wants to play. The other night I got up and took him to the living room and threw a ball for him to run after and then I ran back to bed. Believe it or not, it worked. I could shut our door but just don't have the heart to do that.

When he isn't trying to wake me, he sleeps next to me. Max loves to cuddle. I thank Debbie and Ted for that. All the handling they do with the kittens really makes a difference. Max is my 5th Birman and the most loving. He plays so hard and then lays on me with his head on my shoulder and falls instantly asleep. That lasts for awhile and he is ready to go again. I guess that is where the term "cat nap" comes from.

We enjoy watching him play. It is really funny when Max and Tinker start playing with each other. It sounds like a herd of elephants are running through the house. Having a kitten around has sure made Tinker young again. There is a spring in her step again. I am so glad they get along so well.

Thanks again for our sweet boy. (Now if he would just sleep through the night).


15 Jan, 2001
(Ed: Max went to his new home on 1/6/2001 - he is one of the Picabo-and-Huey kittens from Redville.)

Hi Sallie:

I can't believe Max has only been with us for a little over a week. He has settled in so well, that it seems like we have always had him. Max and Tinker play together a lot and she was washing him yesterday. Max and the dog are doing good together. I tell Max that Bandit is just a funny looking cat.

I have taken pictures and will e-mail some to you when I get them processed.


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