Golden Seal Birmans
Atlanta, GA, USA
b. 1 March, 2002
Sire: Heartbir's Redeemer ("Deemer") (lilac point)
Dam: Golden Seal X-tra Sweet T ("Toots") (Seal Tortie Point)

b. 26 March, 2002
Sire:  GRC Mr. Shalimar Uluru Sunrise (SP) "Sunny"
Dam: Golden Seal Wisteria (LP)

(Ed: Leo is a Seal point girl from the Willow-and-Wisty kitten experience. Read about them growing up - At birth and later. Growing up, Leo was voted "kitten-most-likely-to-be-in-the-thick-of-trouble" and managed to lose an inch of tail to a door. Ambrose, slightly older, is a Red Point boy born and raised in Redville and was voted as "kitten-most-likely-to-report-bad-behavior-to-the-principal". )

10 August, 2002

Dear Sallie and Paul,

Leo is doing well.  He is much more the cuddle kitty than we would have thought.  Of  course he is full of energy and loves to play, but one of his favorite activities is eating, which prompts this email.  We have been feeding Ambrose 1/2 can of Fancy Feast (the 3oz size can) three times a day.  We also leave out dry food.  That has worked well for him.  He seems satisfied with his servings and eats the dry food as well.

Leo, on the other hand, falls on his Fancy Feast as if he has not eaten for days and still seems hungry when he is done. He also doesn't seem interested in the dry food. I have Max Kitten and Pinnacle.  I don't mind feeding him more of the Fancy Feast but I don't want to do anything that will not be good for him.  What do you suggest?

We have just finished our weekend upkeep with the kitties.  Both have had their nails clipped and eaten their petromalt. Leo, of course, ate his immediately.  We had to put Ambrose's with some pinnacle.  They get along well until they both want the same spot, such as the top spot on the cat tree.  Due to his size, Ambrose usually wins.  We now have duplicates of their favorite beds and toys to keep everyone happy.



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