Golden Seal Birmans
Atlanta, GA, USA
March 10, 2003

Since Willow granded in December, 2002 we had planned to begin showing Zander, our new red boy. He was to be 8 months old and eligible for his winner’s ribbons in early January but he came down with ringworm and has had to be in isolation ever since. Fortunately he forgives me daily for keeping him on his own. He is a real sweetheart and we can hardly wait for him to be ready to come out with the rest of the cats and also go to shows again.

Our fall litter has all found new homes with the last one leaving today. Also among recent departures is Wanita, an Experienced Birman, who has gone to FL to keep company with Maxx, another Golden Seal kitten who is just about her same age, 3 years.  (See Birman Tails).  And another seal boy, Golden Seal Zesty, have also gone to live with another Golden Seal kitty, Verity, and her owner in Atlanta.

Our dear lilac boy, GC Heartbir’s Redeemer, has gone to be with a young couple who will be married next month and will then begin their residency in pediatrics.  Deemer was with us for two years and made many beautiful babies for our girls.  They all loved him dearly because he was so sweet to them, ever the romantic boyfriend, quite a treat in a stud.  He’s been busy working his charms on his new family who had first met another Birman, one of Deemer’s nephews while they were all in medical school.  I have told the family that they will be permanently spoiled for any other cats after they live with Deemer.  He is a terminal sweetie as are all his kittens.

We have also welcomed GC Starcrystal Ventura of Heartbir (chocolate point) to help us as stud until Zander can grow up, get rid of his ringworm, complete his show career and become our permanent stud. He has already provided service to our seal girl, GC Golden Seal Willow, and we expect kittens in late April.

In the meantime we went to our local show, Atlanta Phoenix Cat Society, this past weekend with our perennial show girl, GP Heartbir’s Scarlet O’Hara, who proudly came home with one final rosette. She may have to carry the Golden Seal flag a bit longer until Zander gets back into form.

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