Golden Seal Birmans
Atlanta, GA, USA
December 19, 1999
More babies!! Picabo (aka Tortette) and Sunny announce the arrival of 3 babies on December 7. One of them is a red factor, the others are seal points. Picabo and the babies reside at the Tucker, GA branch of the far-flung Golden Seal empire, with their uncle Red and sister, Huey. These babies will be ready for missionary work with other families in early April.

Meanwhile, Peti's litter continues to amuse us at Golden Seal Birmans World Headquarters. They are having great fun with the TurboScratcher, a ball in a circular channel which they all love and bat endlessly. Wisty still visits and likes to spend time with them in their pen; she will no doubt lecture them in Mischief 101 when we let them roam free.

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