Golden Seal Birmans
Atlanta, GA, USA
b. 26 March, 2002
Sire: Heartbir's Redeemer
Dam: Golden Seal Willow

(Ed: Zola is the Chocolate point girl from the Willow-and-Wisty kitten experience. Read about them growing up - At birth and later.)

12 August, 2002


I finally figured out how to take and e-mail pictures (I think). These are the two neighbor boys with Zola. The older one, Jack, LOVES Zola. She enjoys sitting on his lap. (Yes, I monitor them very closely). He is extremely gentle and Zola is very tolerant of being handled. She is such a joy. She will chase you around the house, as a puppy would. We bought her a bed but she prefers Michelle's bed.

Zola will get a running start and run onto a towel placed in front of the tub and slide across the bathroom. She quickly figured out this little trick and does it often. Zola has won the heart of everyone in the house.


24 July, 2002

Zola has adjusted wonderfully to her new home .  She never went into hiding when she first arrived, as we expected she may do.  (When we got our other cat from a pet store, she hid under the piano for 3 days!)  Zola explored and found herself in a mirror immediately.  She wasn't sure what to think of that. 

Zola met the two neighbor boys (ages 21 months and 9 months).  The older boy loves to love her with hugs and check to check rubs.  Zola is extremely tolerant of this.  The other cat in the house has ignored Zola and Zola has reciprocated.  Everyone in the family loves it when she follows you around like a puppy.  You did a wonderful job socializing her.  We will keep you posted.



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