Golden Seal Birmans
Atlanta, GA, USA

b. 13 Oct, 2002
Sire: CH Heartbir Xara of Golden Seal
Dam: GRC Heartbir's Redeemer

25 Feb, 2003

Sallie, Everything is going very well. Zoie is eating good and has adjusted to her new home. She loves to run around and play. Then she just "cuddles up" with Candace or me on the couch and sleeps. Zoie has meet her Veterinarian and she weighed 4.5 pounds. Her incision has healed very well.

7 Feb, 2003

Great !

Zoie cried a little the first night, so we kept her with us in the bedroom all night. I went home yesterday around 12:00 and played with her all afternoon and let her walk around the whole house. She is a little "jumpy" when she hears noises and we are trying to be careful with that. Remember, Chrissy (our Persian) was deaf, so this is a new experience.

She is still whimpering a little, I think looking for her brothers, but starting to run around the house more.

Zoie is eating "wet" MAX food real well, but I am sure if she is eating the "dry" Eukanuba for kittens. Zoie had her first bowel movement this morning in the litter box, so I feel better that she is feeling adjusted. We are going to move her food and litter box to the permanent location this weekend, instead of our bedroom. We will be with her all weekend to get her more fully adjusted.

Zoie fell asleep in Candace's lap last night and that is just wonderful for her.

Thanks Again,



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