Golden Seal Birmans
Atlanta, GA, USA
b. 19 Sepember, 2001

Dam: Golden Seal What a Valentine ("Huey") (seal tortie point)
Sire: Heartbir's Redeemer ("Deemer") (lilac point)

(Ed: Several years ago Dave chose to share his life with a Golden Seal Birman kitten, Tony, who was a partner for his other Birman, Lucy. Dave then had to lodge them with his parents. Unfortunately, Tony passed on and now Lucy, Norm and Edith have chosen another Golden Seal kitten, Yogi, from Huey's litter.)


2 Jan, 2003

Yogi's first birthday -- My parents have clearly spoiled this cat!



19 Feb, 2002

Hi Sallie & Debbie,

Just a quick note to let you know that Yogi is 5 months old today. It's hard to believe that we've had him a whole month! He is just absolutely fabulous. He has met all of our expectations and then some. He is very well behaved and a most loving little creature. I have never seen a cat so intelligent. When you talk to him he studies your face so intently you'd swear he understands every word that you're saying. Most adults don't have the attention span that he does.

He and Lucy get along extremely well. Even when Yogi gets a little too rambunctious, Lucy gives him a gentle swat with her paw (no claws extended) and he backs off. Just like a mother cat. Of course, she often teases him by flipping her tail in his face. What do you expect a kitten to do? Not pounce on that enticing target? But, they share everything, their food bowls, their water, their beds. Everything Lucy owned before Yogi came, he's tried out and that's been ok with her. It's great when we come home from being out shopping or something and having both cats greet us at the door.

He is bringing a great deal of joy to our lives, not to mention a great topic of conversation every time friends inquire about him. We have certainly made a number of converts to the world of Birmans with Tony, Lucy and Yogi.

Norm & Edie


14 Feb, 2002

Hi Sallie,

Happy Valentine's Day! That's me and my pal Lucy in the background trying to take a nap. When my Dad is on the computer I don't know who to play with first. Life here at the Pape's continues to be lots of fun. I lost my first baby tooth yesterday and I'm waiting for my gift under my pillow from the "tooth fairy". My coat is starting to get thick and lush. It must be from all that winter weather we have here in NY. I'm sure glad I'm an indoor cat, but I love watching the outside from my window perch. Talk to you soon again.

Love, Yogi


7 Feb, 2002

Yogi continues to do very well. He is really enjoying living here with us. Lucy and he have become best friends. So, all my anxiety about the two of them not getting along was for naught. You should see how rejuvenated a 12 year old cat can be with a 4 1/2 month old kitten in the house.

They share their dry food bowls so I put in a mixture of adult, senior, and kitten food after checking the labels for nutritional content. They're not really all that different. Their wet food gets fed to them separately with Yogi getting the larger portion since Lucy doesn't need as much as our "growing boy".


21 Jan, 2002

Hi Sallie,

It's my 2nd day here in NY and I'm having a great time. My master didn't really know how easy we kittens adapt to a new home. I've even made friends with Lucy already. We touched noses twice today much to my master's surprise. Thanks for finding me such a great new home. They all adore me here. Isn't it great being a kitten?

Love, Yogi

20 Jan, 2002

Hi Sallie

Yogi arrived safe and sound. The bonding with us was instantaneous. Edith sat in the back seat with him all the way home from the airport. He was purring inside his carrying case while Edith stroked him. Right now he's "helping" me type this letter. He spent last evening exploring the house as he is still doing now. After he was fed and shown where the litter box was, he spent most of the night in bed with us.

Lucy and Yogi still aren't sure what to make of each other, but the initial contact went better than expected. A little sniffing and grunting at each other and that's been it for now. They should acclimate to each other given a little time. He spends almost all of his time hanging around us and playing with one or more of the toys we've gotten him. I can't believe how absolutely friendly and affectionate he is with us from the first moment he arrived. At the moment we are trying to figure out what all his vocalizations mean. He makes the tiniest of squeaks, peeps, and meows at every new thing he investigates. He tries to open every door that he sees. We left the shower door open a crack and he had his paw in there trying to slide it open further, but he couldn't it was too heavy. Wait till he gets a little older and stronger!

We probably will spend most of today with both our cats also making sure Lucy doesn't feel too put out. She won't come into the bed with us while Yogi's there, she didn't when Tony was there either, so in the middle of the night when I get up I have to sit on the couch with her and pet her for about 20min. Talk about spoiled felines...

To sum up for now, we are very happy with Yogi and know that he will give us many years of pleasure. He is an absolutely beautiful animal.

David informs me that Tony was Yogi's uncle?

Norm & Edie

20 Jan, 2002

Everything went very smoothly with the flight. Yogi never complained, and I stuck my hand in the cat bag and gave him a belly rub from time to time. He was very relaxed. My parents LOVE him. Thanks for all your help!


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