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(Ed: Wisty, an experienced Birman, was placed in her new pet home when we retired her from our breeding program. She has gone to share her new humans with Mr. Bigglesworth, a Sphynx, in Florida.)


8 January, 2003

Wisty is doing great. Her coat has gotten much fuller and longer with a large ruff around her neck! She's still not too sure about Mr'. Big - every time he walks by she kind of growls at him but that's all. She likes to sit on my desk when I' m there and also likes to sit on the keyboard and the copy machine etc. The other day I bent over to get something from under the desk and she started pulling my hair with her teeth! I looked at her and then again went to get something at my feet and she pulled my hair again. Very cute. She likes to be combed and beautified and I enjoy doing it as Mr. Big has no hair. I have a screened porch which she seems to enjoy when the weather is nice, although there used to be lizards out there I haven't seen any lately - she must have scared them all away!

Best Wishes for a Happy New Year!!


1 December, 2002

Wisty is doing well, she likes to sit on my lap or on on my desk when I'm at the computer.  She's still a little shy about Mr. Big so she just hisses at him and he goes away.  She likes to sit by the window on her pink pad.  I just got a big cat tree so she has been checking it out;  went to the cat show this weekend and got a great buy on it.

Oh, I also wanted you to know she rubs around my legs and give them little nips.  I thought this was so cute!


25 November, 2002

Hi!  Wisty has been playing but then she hides, she does eat, etc.  Sometimes she comes out of hiding to investigate her surroundings.   I fixed up a place for her with a pink pad in a sunny window where she can be alone.  She's coming around - I think it will just take time.

Wisty has met Mr. Big, she just hisses at him, he doesn't do anything.  I think he's curious as to who this new cat is but he knows when to back off.  I'm sure in time they'll be friends.  I will try to get my son to take a group shot this week and e-mail it to you.


20 November, 2002

We made it with no problems.  I did have to take Wisty out of the carrier but she behaved very well.  She must have slept on the plane  because I didn't hear a meow till the plane pulled up to the gate in Tampa and I had to pick up the carrier.  She's hiding in my daughter's room right now, she's had a busy day.  Hope she comes out  tomorrow or the next after she's had some time to adjust.  Mr. Big doesn't seem to know there's another cat in the house or he's just playing it cool.  I'll let you know what happens.


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