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Sabrina, b. Apr 24, 2001

(Ed: Sheba came from us and is a seal girl whose parents are Golden Seal Qute Qitty and Dunnydeer's Rapture of Tai Ming. When Cynthia & Bernie wanted a second Birman they got Siam, a handsome chocolate lynx, from Frances Price. His parents are McBir's Takoda Sioux (Kodi) and Koalakats Sweet Success of Tai Ming (Doonie). Last year when they discovered that 2 Birmans was not enough they called again and went home with Sabrina, another seal girl, whose parents are Golden Seal Wisteria and Mr. Shalimar Uluru Sunrise (Sunny). It's amazing how consistent the personalities are in these cats to their most dominant parents.)
15 April, 2002

Hi Sallie,

Since Sabrina is almost a year old, guess it is time for an update. She has grown to be a 7 lb. bundle of demanding joy. It is an absolute impossibility to ignore her, as she won't allow that to happen. She is still small, about 3/4 the size of Sheba, and of course Sheba is not a very large cat either. Everything interests her, and she is into everything. If anything falls over or is knocked to the ground, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know who was the cause. Her coloring is still quite light, in fact her body coloring is more like Siam. She and Sheba are friendlier than they used to be, but her best buddy is still, of course, Siam. They race around like it is a speedway set up in here. Glad I have two sets of stairs for them. Sheba is so stately and regal. Definitely Queenlike. Siam on the other hand is the court jester. He only knows one position, and that is the flop! Either on his back with hindlegs waving in the air or leaning against something and hind leg in his mouth licking it or chewing on it. If he catches you looking at him, when he is in this position, he'll look at you as if to say "What's your problem?!"

Siam has become a real joy to our vet whom he has seen much too frequently. She thinks he is an absolutely gorgeous cat (which he of course is). When she sees him he is most definitely not his best though. He has had a terrible time with allergies. Unfortunately, he seems much more allergic than Doonie. The last bout he had was not helped with the steroid shot and before we got it under control by virtue of a total change in diet and a second, different kind of steroid shot his ears were a scabrous mess, it was encroaching on more of his forehead and nose, under his chin and one front and one back paw! He lost a lot of hair, which is fortunately now growing back well. His diet, as well as the other cats, is now IVD Green Pea and Duck, and NOTHING else other than water. No treats of any kind, including no handouts from the table. The other three were not speaking to us for days, and depending on who fed them, they would head for the other person with a "Did you see what we were fed?" "Surely, a great mistake has been made and you really don't mean not to give us our Fancy Feast!!" They still can't believe that there are no handouts from the table. I told Bern that when we ever have Lobster again, we will have to shut Sheba in another room or we will be attacked. She has almost done it over Salmon, which is her second most favorite food. I am sure they will all be much healthier as a result, and it is worth it not to take a chance with Siam getting into something that he shouldn't.

As ever, Cynthia

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