Golden Seal Birmans
Atlanta, GA, USA

b. 23 March, 2002
Sire: GRC Mr. Shalimar Uluru Sunrise
Dam: CH Goldenseal Wisteria

2 January, 2003

Hi Sallie,

I have been meaning to send you a note for several weeks and let you know how Shadow and I are doing.  He has adjusted very well and I don't think we could be more bonded.  He follows me at my heels constantly around the house and sleeps as close to my face as I will let him!  He always wants to be near my face, so whenever I turn over, he changes positions to be on the side that my face is facing!  Whenever I leave in the car, he runs to the front window and watches ... I can see his little face and those big blue eyes.

He has quite a lot of personality.  He loves playing hide and seek and regularly "hides" (usually in the sink or bathtub) and with his special meow lets me know he's hiding and to come find him.  Then he's quite creative in finding other hiding spots and in finding me.  His other most remarkable trick is jumping and twirling a good two feet into the air to grab something that I'm holding that interests him. He is also quite "talkative." Are these traits common to all Birmans, or are they unique to Shadow??

He has, of course, grown a lot and now weighs a little over 8 pounds.  Needless to say, he is a gorgeous cat.

Does it sound like I'm pleased?? I've had, as you predicted, fleeting thoughts of adding another to my household, primarily for Shadow's sake, but then I have grave misgivings.  I know he'd love a playmate, but I just don't know if I'm up to two cats.  We'll see.

Hope all is well with you and that you had good holidays.  I hope that 2003 will be a good year for you and your family.


3 October, 2002

Shadow and I are continuing to do well together.  His favorite things to do are to play hide and seek ... and to spin in my computer chair!  He also, of course, has his favorite toys.  He does have some of those "crazy cat nights" when he roams and pounces and chases my feet under the sheets!

Shadow is a true joy.  The chair spin is really something to see. He wraps his paws around the arm, but he sometimes falls out ... but nevertheless leaps right back up into the chair for another spin! I have to fight him to sit in the chair.


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