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Rusti and Smoki

Golden Seal Wilbur Right (SP) - 'Smoki'
b. 7 Dec, 1999
Sire: GRC Mr. Shalimar Uluru Sunrise - 'Sunny' Dam: Golden Seal Ultimate Tortette - 'Picabo'

Golden Seal Utterly Rufus (Red Point) - 'Rusti'
b. 29 Jul, 1997
Sire: Dunnydeer's Rapture of Tai Ming
Dam: Biramor Sweet Seal Laura Ryananna - 'Anna' (Picabo's mother)
Rusti is Smoki's uncle

Rusti and Smoki
More pictures of Rusti and Smoki

26 August, 2000
Rusti and Smoki (aka Wilbur) are doing fine. Smoke is about the same size as Rusti but just slightly lighter in weight -- but then he's only 8 and a half months old! I'm attaching a cute picture that I took a couple of weeks ago.

I'll try to catch them together when they're awake!


6 April, 2000
Thought you would like some pictures I took this week. In one of them the kitten is looking for the "juice bar."

Rusti and Kitten (1)
Rusti and Kitten (2)
Rusti and Kitten (3)

The kitties are getting along famously and rarely go anywhere without each other. I can always find the kitten because Rusti is nearby just watching him like a concerned parent. Kitten is absolutely not intimidated by Rusti's size and is constantly running and attacking him. They slept with us for the first time last night and it was fine. Well, except for the "juice bar" problem that Rusti is having to put up with. Every time Rusti licks his face, off he goes to hunt for the "juice bar."

We had an interesting series of events that were a bit mysterious. Debbie and Ted may remember that we have a red velvet cord that we keep to play with Rusti. On Saturday, the kitten had just about chewed his way through it, so I cut off the end. The next day I looked at it and thought that it was a bit shorter but wasn't sure. Later in the day, I looked at it again and noticed that it WAS shorter. I started looking to see if I could find pieces of it anywhere but saw nothing (could have been stashed somewhere I guess). The next morning it was considerably shorter and by evening it was about 4 inches in length! At this point we are missing about 24 inches of cord! I keep the cord tied to a chair so he could get the whole thing. I just kept looking and looking for the pieces but couldn't find a shred of it. Well the mystery was answered yesterday when Ken cleaned out the litter box. Seems young kitten ate it! Gastric juices must have digested most of it. He seems fine and full of energy but will watch for any signs of distress; I think we would have seen something by this time. Needless to say, there will be no more red velvet cords to play with or anything else that he might swallow. (My chenille throws on the sofa will have to go--Oh, no!)

Yesterday, we had just about decided to name him Chewwie (considering his afinity for chewing) but I'm thinking that Smokey might fit better with Rusti's name. I'll discuss this with Ken again tonight and see if we can come up with something definite. If it's Chewwie, that of course would be related to "Wookie" from Star Wars.

They have the run of the house now except that we will keep them out of the lower level at night for awhile just in case the kitten gets lost.


3 April, 2000
The new kitty is fitting in well and Rusti and kitten are playing well together -- but still being somewhat careful not to intrude on each other's space too much.

Kitten is eating well and has made himself at home. They both are still confined to the kitchen area but I plan to allow some freedom for awhile tomorrow. He's indeed a pleasure to watch and cuddle!


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