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Red, Picabo, Huey and Friends
September 21, 2000
Here is Picabo's and Huey's "blended family" portrait. Mom and daughter had litters on 26 & 27 August!

February 1, 2000
Greetings from Redville! We are Ted and Deb McCarthy and live in Tucker, Georgia and serve as an outpost of the far flung Golden Seal empire. We home the Golden Seal red factor cats, thus the name "Redville"!

Our adult cats are Red McCarthy, our sweet red boy and uncle of all our newborns, Picabo Street, our seal tortie tomboy who is now a great mom, and the one and only Baby Huey...

Huey, who was born on Valentine's Day last February, is Picabo's first born and an only cat...Let's suffice it to say that "only" cats can be different...especially when they happen to be a tortie!

We are now having fun raising a new litter born 12/7/99. The kids came easily and quickly and have been fat and happy ever since they hit the ground. We knew immediately that we had 2 seals and a red. The red fella had his own way of doing things right from the get-go. It took an hour or two to get him hooked up at the juice bar. Left to his own devices, he would head south where there was no juice to be found! After a week or two observing his obstinate behavior, he became known as Wrong Way Corrigan...a little red-headed Irish boy with his own ideas!

We initially thought the two seals were boys also. So naturally, they became known as "The Right Brothers", Wilbur and W. Orville Right. Wilbur is a big ol' boy who is turning into a snuggler. We did notice "right" away that W. Orville was a quick study. The kid could figure everything out...Ted had to stay up nights capturing kids running loose in the house - and the ring leader was always W. Orville.

Upon subsequent and closer inspection, it was obvious that W. Orville was NOT a boy at all. He was a she! (And thus the real reason for the superior intelligence exhibited to date!) Well...since SHE was such an adept escape artist we re-named her Whoudina...a female incarnation of the Great Houdini born in a "W" year.

It took Ted a while, but he has finally thwarted Whoudina's escape attempts by building the "Bir-lin" Wall in the doorway of their room. So far, so good. It is only a matter of time 'til she outwits us again. Stay tuned...


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