Golden Seal Birmans
Atlanta, GA, USA
b. 26 Sepember, 2001

Dam: Heartbir's Xara of Golden Seal (blue point)
Sire: Heartbir's Redeemer ("Deemer") (lilac point)

(Ed: We found a home for Cooper, a Heartbir Birman, with Don and Linda's daughter, Laura, where he has assisted her studies through medical school. Cooper frequently vacations with Don and Linda. Tybee, a Birjanji Birman, is a permanent resident with Don and Linda. Higgins, a Golden Seal Birman, has now joined the family. Higgins is continuing his career on the show circuit.)
22 Feb, 2002

These are the 3 ribbons Higgins won at his first show this weekend (Atlanta Phoenix). He finished 8th of 49 longhair kittens and 9th of 70-some all breed kittens. He seemed to be a natural at "show business." There would be pictures of the show itself if we had remembered to take the camera. Thanks to his breeders, Sallie and Paul Smith, for entering Higgins and taking care of everything.

Don and Linda

11 Mar, 2002

Hi Sallie,

Finally got my camera hooked up to the new computer. Here are some pictures of the new kitten. He is turning out to be a wonderful cat. He plays and plays, but if you pick him up he loves to crawl up on your lap and fall asleep. We could not be more pleased.

Tybee has still not completely accepted the kitten. It's getting better, but he still will hiss at Higgins from time to time. Higgins follows Cooper around a lot and they play together. Maybe when Cooper goes back to Augusta in a couple of weeks things will be better between Tybee and Higgins. Higgins is growing quickly and starting to get a little more color, but still mostly white.

Don & Linda

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