Golden Seal Birmans
Atlanta, GA, USA

Golden Seal Wrong Way Corrigan (Red Point)
b. 7 Dec, 1999
Sire: GRC Mr. Shalimar Uluru Sunrise - 'Sunny' 
Dam: Golden Seal Ultimate Tortette - 'Picabo'
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30 May, 2002

Hi Sallie, Corrigan is beautiful. I will have to send you new pictures. Smokey and Corrigan get along very well, but still have playful fights just like real little boys.

We bought them antique doll bed, bunk beds. Corrigan and Smokey both like the top bunk; who ever ends up with the bottom bunk bites the other one's tail or tries to knock the other off so, they win the top bunk.

Best to You,

21 March, 2001

Hi Sallie, I haven't talked with you in a while. I just thought I would update you on Corrigan. He is doing well. He and Smokey get along better every day. They love to play. Corrigan gets in Jesse's lap every evening and goes to sleep. We cannot take our shoes off ever or he will bite our toes. He also head butts us all of the time. He is sooo sweet. I don't think his color has changed very much since you saw him.

I hope you and Paul and Ted and Debbie are all well. I hope it is warming up in Atlanta. It is much better here today. Happy spring!

Best Wishes,

23 August, 2000

Hi Sallie,

I thought I would update you on Corrigan. He is beautiful and we love him. He and Smokey play a lot now. They run through the house like a tornado somedays. Corrigan jumps on something when he gets tired. Smokey weighs 13 pounds so jumping is not one of his talents. So, Corrigan can rest as long as he likes.

Corrigan still sleeps with us at night. He is really sweet.

Best wishes,

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