Golden Seal Birmans
Atlanta, GA, USA
Boo and Q

b. 25 Feb, 1991
Boo (Golden Seal O'Bradypus)
    Sire: GRC Celtic's Joshua Blue of Tai Ming (BP)
    Dam: CH Tai Chi's Mychat of Golden Seal (SP)

Q (Golden Seal Qute Qitty)
    Sire: CH Celtic's Hosea of Tai Ming (SP)
    Dam: CH Golden Seal Opal of my Eye (SP)

(Ed: Boo is one of Golden Seal Birmans' logo kittens. Q is the daughter of Opal, another of the logo kittens. They live with our daughter Cara and her husband Rob, in their new home in the warm climes of Charlotte. Rob is also the artist in the family.)

3 Mar, 2002

These are funny looking kittens...

24 Feb, 2002

Boo has his afternon Nap...

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