Golden Seal Birmans
Atlanta, GA, USA
Sex:  F
Birth:  9 June, 2000
Sire: GRC Jinbirlee's Shadow of Heartbir (CP)
Dam: Golden Seal Uma Birman of Heartbir (SP)

Sex: M
Birth: 25 November, 2003
Sire: Redeemer
Dam: Xara

(Ed: Xara was retired from the Golden Seal breeding program and placed with one of her last kittens, Alexander. An adult cat sometimes needs a settling in period, as in fact Xara did.)

29 March, 2003

Just to give you an update on our friends. Alexander is, of course, extremely outgoing running all around the house and playing musical beds at night. He is a purr box and begs for more food (he's a growing kitty). He's very playful. Last night we had the Kitty Olympics and he scored a 10 on a perfect jump and twist maneuver. Xara was the audience. We're making nice progress with her. Last night, she came out and jumped on our bed. She's coming out more--in and around our bedroom. She's coming out in the open (in the doorway) and observing everything. We've enticed her with the brush which she loves (she'll come out for food now also). She's played for Scott and purred also. This morning she jumped on our bed and meowed to John in the den, circled the room two times and escaped back into our room. Things are looking up. Seems all these are signs of improvement. We hope she'll continue and be able to be content and happy around us. Hope things are going well with you and Paul. Amy :o)

23 March, 2003

Thanks for the tips - Scott and I pick Xara up occasionally and we talk to her a good bit. Time will tell. Amy

22 March, 2003

Xara, I'm afraid, is still hiding in the closet. I've tried to lure her out with rubbing, scratching and soft food. I got her to purr once. She seems scared to death. She growls at Xandy if he comes within 3-4 feet of her. I think she's eating although I haven't seen her eating. She seems very afraid. We put her in the cat tree house when the kids were asleep last night and everything was quiet. Then put her back in our room and she quickly ran back into the closet and hid. It almost feels like we just have one cat. Hopefully, she'll be warming up soon. I hate for her to be so confined because of her fears. Xandy, on the other hand, is adjusting very well. He buries himself into the covers of our bed when he needs some quiet time and the kids can't find him there. It's sort of funny. He went to sleep in Will's bed last night being rubbed--both were very content. We'll keep you posted on any new behavior. Thanks for the great photo! Amy :o)


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