Golden Seal Birmans
Atlanta, GA, USA
Golden Seal Ultimate Tortette (Seal Tortie Point, 3rd generation)
"Picabo (aka Tortette)"
Golden Seal U R Red (Red Point, 3rd generation)

  • Red (M, Neuter)
  • Tortette (F)

Birth: 29-July-1997
Sire: CH Dunnydeer's Rapture of Tai Ming (SP)
Dam: Biramour's Seal Tortianna -"Anna" (Seal Tortie Point, 2nd generation)

Tortette & Red are littermates and are now sharing living arrangements in Tucker, GA, where Tortette is known as Picabo.

Picabo will continue the red point breeding program; Red will be the bachelor uncle.

Picabo at 7 months.

Photograph courtesy Debbie McCarthy, owner

Red at 7 months

Photograph courtesy Debbie McCarthy, owner

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