Golden Seal Birmans
Atlanta, GA, USA
GP Tai Ming's Topper (Seal Lynx)

Sex: M
Birth: 11-December-1996
Sire: Ch Koalakats Sweet Success of Tai Ming (CP)
Dam: Jorojin Santal of Tai Ming (Seal Lynx)


Photograph copyright Chanan

[Topper -- NBF Cover]

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Topper belongs to Frances Price who began breeding Birmans back in 1968. We are fortunate to have lived near to her and have had the privilege of attending shows with her for the past nearly 10 years. She has advised us and helped us with breeding issues and acquiring our studs and has generally mentored us as we learned about the breed.

When Topper was born he was an early example of the lynx points who were not yet being shown in this country. Because they were new the decision was made early on to neuter Topper and have him be a show cat to go out and trumpet the wonders of lynx Birmans. Topper rapidly got too big for Frances to handle so it fell to us to show him which we have done ever since.

He first showed as an Exhibition cat, practically a curiosity. As time went on he became everyone's idea of what a lynx point Birman should look like. He has flown all over the USA and been shown regularly in the southeast as well as at National Birman Fancier's shows in Texas and New Jersey.

The lynx patterns (as well as the red factors) have just been accepted for championship and premiership so Topper will be hitting the show trail again starting in May, 2001. He loves to show, to be the center of attention and to schmooze with the humans at the cat shows.

He granded in premiership at Sacred Cat of Burma Fanciers show in Medina, Ohio, 25 August 2001. He has to thank for his final points Judges Diana Doernberg and John Colilla. Thanks also to other judges who believed in him in the past, particularly Bob Molino, Leslie Faltisek, Lois Jensen, Brian Pearson.

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