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Memories of Frances Price

Frances Price - A life with Birmans - Sallie Smith, Golden Seal Birmans
Frances Price - An Australian Tribute - Bev Cattrall, Shalimar Birmans


Marilyn and Blair Rowley
If ever anyone had a fairy godmother it had to be me and my husband Blair. We have been in the world of Birmans for many many years and the guiding light of all we have accomplished has been Frances Price. She and Blair had a special relationship one that reached out past cats encompassing all the world. She lived in New Orleans for many years whenever Blair had a trip to that city he always made an extra day for Frances. ... We were so na´ve about the fancy in the beginning. There was no email, no E-points, so few Birmans that going to a show was like a major adventure. Her guidance about which cats to breed, which shows to go to, and how to have a good time at the show (remember those motels in Houston!!), all of it was totally Frances! She sold us our first stud, the English import CH Smokeyhill Ho Kwan of Tai Ming. He was our foundation, and the sire of many many grands. She walked us through difficult births. She celebrated with us on wins, few and far between back in the '80s. She was always the gracious lady in the show hall, friends with everyone, the ultimate expert on all things cat. She taught us the lesson of being a friend to everyone, of handling friendships with care, and of working for the good of the breed, not individuals or catteries. ... We almost lost her in a morbid highway accident on the way home from a show about the time she began to think about retiring. Her car tangled with a tractor-trailer truck... slowed her down a bit, but not her brilliant mind, continuing the sharing and caring for her beloved Birmans. For me, being included in the "Birman Circle of Honor" with her has been one of the greatest thrills of my life. Such good company... Having her cats and sharing her goals, both in the show ring and in life, has been a long-time journey for me. ... She's probably so busy at the Bridge greeting old friends and hugging her cats, she hasn't even missed us... But we miss her. And always will.
Beavercreek , OH USA - 22:41: 2/17/2004
Karol Cooper-Jazzmewsic Birmans
It is indeed a sad day in not only the Birman world but also in the Fancy as we have lost a true pioneer. I met Frances about 11 yrs ago when we first started showing. I have sat at many a show with Frances I can't even begin to tell you how much I learned from her. She was a wealth of Birman knowledge. She will indeed be missed. My prayers are with her family. She will especially be missed by Sallie Paul Smith with whom she had a very close friendship and cattery relationship. My prayers are with them as well.
Knoxville , Tn USA - 23:31: 2/1/2004
Jack Charlotte Nelson - Zalina Cattery
We met Frances in 1979 in New Orleans at our first TICA show that lasted into the wee hours of the morning. I will never forget her laughter even at midnight. We were very fortunate to be have spent many Christmas vacations with her for several years before moving here to Georgia. She always made us feel like family as we visited with her and her sisters. Even though we are no longer breeding we still have her blood lines in our birman family. The last time I spoke to Frances she thanked me for giving Private Joy (AKA P.J.)a loving home when she could no longer step over him. He was one that just loved to flopped down in front of you as you were walking for a stomach rub. She was so afraid she was going to step on him. That was Frances always thanking about her Birman babies. We truly have lost a legend in the Birman Family and she will be deeply missed. I know she is having a ball though with Pecos Bali P.J. Kacou and the many other Birmans from our home. You can be sure they are being spoiled with her tender love and care
Cumming, GA USA - 8:53: 1/24/2004
Marion Dudek CANDAHAR
I met Frances via phone sometime in 1982 or 1983. She finally had a kitten for us in 1984 which became CH GRP Tai Ming's Hirsute of Candahar. (Iris) Frances had the special ability of letting her best cats go to other breeders. She told me once the average Birman breeder lasts 10 years. Because she wanted the Birman Breed to be secure she was devoted to helping other breeders. I like to think she has great benching with friends she is glad to see again.
, USA - 10:52: 1/22/2004
Bettina Rode
I would have loved to know Frances Price and I feel sorrow in my heart that my ways never passed hers I think that her breeding has enriched the Birman fancy allover the world. Please accept my condolences. I feel sadness from the bottom of my heart that we lost this wonderful Grand-Dame of Birmans. I am sure that despite all our sadness Frances will be happy to meet all her beloved Birmans behind the rainbow bridge. But after all we have been blessed to get to know the unique personality of Frances Price and her great effort for our birmans has enriched the big community of Birmaniacs on this globe. Bettina S. Rode Las Perlas-sin
Iserlohn, Germany - 15:59: 1/21/2004
Inslee Barnett Mary Jinright - Jinbirlee Birmans
Sometimes we are fortunate to have special people enter our lives and change them forever - we were fortunate to have Frances enter ours. We got to know Frances when she was showing GC-RW Celtic's Joshua Blue of Tai Ming and he became one of our foundation studs. Later she passed her first English Male Chocolate import to us to start our chocolate program. Frances was generous of heart and a passionate pioneer with her Birmans. She never hesitated to help new breeders along the path she just blazed. She shared medical info freely and we often took her "words of experience" to our vet and we all learned and kitties were saved. Our personal lives and our birman lives have been enriched by Frances. Each time we hug our Birmans we will keep her spirit close to us until we meet again..........
Dallas Area, TX USA - 13:04: 1/21/2004
Nancy Jenkins
We all know what a great loss it is to lose such a treasured friend. I will always remember her. Each time she saw me she would ask me when I was going into the judging program and give me so much encouragement. Such a great lady and a gentle soul. I am sure you will miss her deeply. My sincere condolences.
, USA - 22:15: 1/20/2004
Roger and Rochell Horenstein - Chinhills Burmese
We are so sorry to hear about Frances. We met her shortly after we started breeding just about the time she started. Over the years she was a fount of information always pleasant and willing to be of help. We too will miss her.
Atlanta, GA USA - 13:57: 1/20/2004
Cynthia Bernie Annis
When we were searching for a second Birman kitty to replace a beloved Siamese Sallie had none available. Thus we had the great privalege of meeting Frances and purchasing her very last kitten. She hated to say goodbye to him and I felt honored that she allowed us to have him. I am sure that it helped that we were vetted by Sallie. She thought he was a choclate point but as luck would have it he turned into a gorgeous lynxpoint and a Topper look a like. His purrsonality is absolutely the best and we wouldn't trade him for the world. You shouldn't love one "child" more than another but I must admit he is our number one guy. Our condolences to you and Paul Sallie and of course to her family. She was wonderful. Cynthia and Bernie Annis
St. Simons Island, Ga. USA - 11:59: 1/20/2004
A great loss for the birmans lovers. But her legacy will always stay in our heart and in the birman breed.
Barcelona, Spain - 2:11: 1/20/2004
Lil Judd
Where to start.... I started speaking with Frances while expecting our daughter Andrea. Andrea turned 17 today. Frances was with me during my pregnancy as well as that of my cats. Frances was more than a mentor she was a friend confidant. But mostly a great lady. Ross Andrea I have had our lives shared with this wonderful lady - for this we're all richer most grateful. In two weeks I've lost two very special ladies in my life - my grandmother who was about to turn 99 dear Frances. I will live my life as I believe they would want me to with the spirit strength they've given me in their kind words and wisdom. Knowing Frances she's up in Heaven taking care of all our lost Birmans other cats. She's probably teaching everyone up there all about them - which she'll have forever to do. To Frances's son and family "Our Condolences" will never be enough.... To have known her has made us all richer.... We love you Frances - Lil Ross Andrea
Rancho Cascades, CA USA - 23:15: 1/19/2004
Bev and Bob Cattrall
Frances was the sweetest person. I really liked and admired her a lot. She stayed with me in Melbourne when she visited Australia and even though it was a short visit I learnt a lot from her and was very impressed with her knowledge. Remember how impressed I was that she should take in an old Birman that she heard was going to be put to sleep because her friend in UK bred him. Think it was Mrs. Richards. Yes you put it so well it is the end of an era. Guess she taught you a lot and in return you were very supportive of her when she had to give up breeding. She would have been very grateful for your friendship. Eighty nine is a marvellous age time to rest and re-unite with all her beloved Birmans.
Victoria, Australia - 21:47: 1/19/2004
Wendeanne Thomas - Emazngrace Birmans is indeed an "end of an era". And each time a precious Birman baby is born and part of Frances will live on.
, USA - 21:44: 1/19/2004
Marina Mirolo
Too sad hearing this bad news For sure people who had the chance to meet her will lost her "teachings" and friendship the pict she looks like a very sweet lady ..of course I've neder had a chance to meet her but I' ve heard about "tai ming" cattery my condolences to her family
Rome, Italy - 21:42: 1/19/2004
Diane Ringwelski
I can tell from looking into her eyes she has the soul of a cat. What a beautiful lady I have only seen pictures of her...would have loved to have known her God's Blessins Frances
, USA - 21:40: 1/19/2004
Sharon Lann
I remember sharing time with Frances and a few friends in the hotel after the first NBF show in Montvale NJ. I still remember the conversation and how thrilled I was that she liked my boy Monet..he (Monet) had a lot of Tai-Ming in him and she told me he looked like her favorite..Frietog..she called Monet "Boy" and I sometimes call him "Boy" I think of Frances. I know that there was a great reunion at the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. Sharon
Redwood City, CA USA - 21:39: 1/19/2004
Linda Gregory
I'm so sorry for "our loss" but Kitty heaven is much richer today
Elizabethtown, KY USA - 20:16: 1/19/2004
Karl Gudrun and Annika and Trulsa's Birmans
We are so sad to hear these news. We were fortunate to meet Frances and proud to have her lines in our cats. She will always live in our memories.
, USA - 20:01: 1/19/2004
Kelli Cajigas - 9 Bells Cattery
Oh Sallie this is sad news. Frances touched so many lives and made an indelible mark within the Birman world. She was a guidepost to many including my mother back in the early 70's and always gave generously of herself whether it was sharing experiences giving advice or just being supportive by listening. Hugs to you and my deepest condolences to you and her family.
Miami, FL USA - 19:53: 1/19/2004
Jerry and Judi Clubb - Landshigh Birmans
To say that we here are saddened by the death of Frances Price is only to scratch the top of our grief. She is the one who gave me the blood of Tai Ming's Fortune of Barmar. I still have one of his daughters Champion Landshigh's Little Bit O'Luck. Frances is behind all my cats. She could tell you more about your cat by looking then most breeders could period. She is the Grand Dame of Birmans. Her works runs in almost all the Birmans if you just look back far enough. If not you are poorer for it. I never heard her say an unkind thing about anyone. I wish I could say the same for myself. She was a gentlewoman. A smart lady. A southern grace on two feet with graciousness. We have lost someone most precious. We will not see her like again. That is the sad part. To Sallie and her family I am very very sorry.
Ft Thomas, KY USA - 19:50: 1/19/2004
Linda Gorsuch - Desert Jewel Cattery
One of my favorite memories of Frances with Ed Rindfleisch... They are previewing the SCBF website at Medina on one of those newfangled computer things -)
, VA USA - 19:46: 1/19/2004
Sandra Picchiello - Myingyan Gems Birmans
I am sorry for your loss. All that I can say is that there are stars in the sky that will always guide your steps. I am sure that this special person will be guiding yours from there.
, Argentina - 19:44: 1/19/2004
Carolyn Koval - Greylands Cattery
My condolences to you and Frances's family. She was a wonderful lady and fortunately I had the privilege of knowing her. She was one feisty lady and her stories were great. She was so proud of Topper and just beamed when she brought him out. The Rainbow Bridge will be a brighter place for her being there and all her kitties will be so happy to be with her again. Good bye my friend the Birman world will miss you. You were one of a kind.
, CA USA - 19:42: 1/19/2004
Nora Ron Thayer - Taron Birmans
My condolences to you and her family. Francis will be missed not only for her contribution to our wonderful breed but because of the wonderful person she was. There will be many Birmans waiting to greet her at the rainbow bridge so she will not be alone. I was lucky to have known her.
Pittsboro, NC USA - 19:41: 1/19/2004
Val Kotas - Katascali Birmans
I am deeply saddened. Frances was not only my mentor (My First Birman was Ch. Tai Mings Hallie of Katascali) and great Birman breeder but as a person she was fair and just Her memory will live on.
, CA USA - 19:38: 1/19/2004
Jan Rogers - Birjanji
There are no words to express the profound loss I feel today..... She was the greatest....
Stephenville, TX USA - 19:35: 1/19/2004
Carolyn Koval - Greylands Cattery
My condolences to you and Frances's family. She was a wonderful lady and fortunately I had the privilege of knowing her. She was one feisty lady and her stories were great. She was so proud of Topper and just beamed when she brought him out. The Rainbow Bridge will be a brighter place for her being there and all her kitties will be so happy to be with her again. Good bye my friend the Birman world will miss you. You were one of a kind.
, CA USA - 19:34: 1/19/2004
Rebecca Thompson
I got my first Birman girl from her ... Tai Ming's Iona. My prayers go out to her family. Am thankful to Fern for wonderful "Annie-Kins" who wouldn't leave me alone through all the calls and plans no matter how many times I put her back on the floor.
Huntsville, AL USA - 19:32: 1/19/2004
Michele Andrade
She looked very happy holding that Birman...I wished I had the opportunity to meet this woman as it sounds like she had quite an influence on the breed that she loved. My sympathies to her family.
, USA - 19:30: 1/19/2004
Debra Sullens
Sallie I made the mistake of checking my mail while at work and had to take a break to have a quick cry. I know she was probably ready to go but she will be missed. Thank you for helping her all these last years. Without your help I would not have had the opportunity to meet her. Thanks for letting us know about her passing. It is hard to get old.
Mankato, MN USA - 19:29: 1/19/2004
Rosemary Finnamore
Sallie please give my condolences to the family. Since my maiden name was a Price I always like to think that perhaps we may be related somehow. Yes it is the end of an Era but may we carry on her legacy. I know she will be greatly missed by those who knew her and loved her. I never had the privilege of meeting her not on earth anyway.
, Canada - 19:27: 1/19/2004
Marilyn Rowley
I lost a tortie kitten yesterday her soul will travel with frances to heaven to guide the way. Our grief runneth over...
, USA - 19:23: 1/19/2004
Kathleen Hooper
I hate to hear this. Would you tell me the story how she brought back the birman from England Think of all the birmans at the rainbow bridge in good company now. -)
, USA - 19:22: 1/19/2004
Fern St Clair - BirAmor Birmans
It is with great sadness for our loss in the Birman family that I hear of Frances's death but now she is finally free of the limitations which have left her chair bound for the last couple years. Her stories of going to England and bringing back Birmans especially those stories following the death of Elsie Fisher were wonderful stories of our Birman history in this country. Frances would smile her wonderful kind smile and say 'Timing' is everything you know. Tai Ming Birmans were great cats a wonderfully run cattery and a great lady. Frances we'll miss you. Yes Sallie it is the 'end of an era'.
Gary, NC USA - 19:20: 1/19/2004
Sylvia Dodson
I was sorry to hear about Frances passing. I will always remember how she loved the photos of Topper.
, USA - 19:16: 1/19/2004
Karen - Whitesox Birmans
This is really an emotional happening for many of us who grew up in her shadow. Frances was still very active when I started and was always kind enough to take time to spend with newbies. Much of what we have and do it because Frances was one of the pioneers.
, USA - 19:13: 1/19/2004
Claus and Susanne Wehnert
I am so sorry to hear Frances has passed on. I never did get to meet her - but I did get to meet Topper.
Horsens, Denmark - 19:09: 1/19/2004
Paul & Sallie Smith
We were privileged to have been mentored by Frances from 1989 until she retired. She was our teacher and our friend. It is the end of an era.
Atlanta, GA USA - 20:17: 1/8/2000