Golden Seal Birmans
Atlanta, GA, USA
Nov 28, 2005

We are very pleased to welcome a new girl to our home, Jinbirlee's Carousel. She is a lilac point girl and will join the others of our "younger set" as a breeding queen when she is ready. She is 8 months old and has a very pretty wide open expression with beautiful blue eyes. Thanks to Mary Jinright and Inslee Barnett for allowing us to have this beautiful girl.

Ava's litter of two born October 18 is growing well and will be moving from our bedroom downstairs to finish growing up beginning this weekend. One is a seal boy who has picked out his pet home already and the other is a cream girl for whom we are awaiting the right situation. Cream girls are rather rare and we hope that this girl will be good enough to show and breed. So far so good.

We'll be taking our seal tortie girl, Clove, along with Carousel to a cat show in Charlotte, NC in December to get them their winner's ribbons and hopefully launch Clove on her show career. She is a late starter as she had a strange eye issue earlier on (Horner's Syndrome) which caused one of her eyes not to open completely, but she has now completely recovered and since we kept her an extra long time we realized that she is a real stunner and clearly ought to replace her mother in the breeding program. Since she has a lovely warm, laid back personality, she may also be a good show cat. Time will tell.


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