Golden Seal Birmans
Atlanta, GA, USA
Aug 21, 2005

Grand Champion Golden Seal Bonita

We are thrilled that our chocolate point girl, Golden Seal Bonita, has achieved the title of Grand Champion at the Foothills Felines show on August 6 & 7. Bonita attended 4 shows as a Champion to defeat the 200 other cats needed to reach grand. This is fairly quick in my experience and a tribute to her overall quality and sweet nature. Thanks to her mother, GC Golden Seal Willow, for raising such a nice girl and to her father Santal Rajasekjar of Purr-Cussion and his family Carolyn & Dick Prucha and Cynthia Larson, for his contribution. Bonita will be going to Sacred Cat of Burma Fanciers in Medina, Ohio and after that only to shows as convenient. We hope Bonita will give us some kittens as pretty as she is. She's been a delight to show and have in our family.

Our next show attendee will be Snow Mittens Crystal of Golden Seal. She is a blue point girl who's mom is Golden Seal Yardley of Snow Mittens and her dad is the same as Bonita's dad. Crystal was born on May 5, 2005 and will attend her first show in September as a kitten.


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