Golden Seal Birmans
Atlanta, GA, USA
Mar 16, 2005

With spring upon us we have begun to look for our spring kittens and plan our spring & summer cat shows. We showed Bonita at Atlanta Phoenix Cat Society show this weekend as a kitten where she took 8th Best Kitten in one ring. She willl go into championship at Rebel Rousers' Cat Club show the last weekend of April. After that we'll have to hunt for shows for her to get her grand.

We bred our seal tortie point girl, Ava, to Zander our red boy and if our calculations are correct their kittens should arrive the first week of April and could be any solid color boys including red and cream or red and cream girls or any of the tortie colors for girls. Could be interesting!!

We've also sent off our lovely seal girl, Willow, and our charming blue girl, Yardley, to breed with Bonita's father, Santal Rajasekhar of Purr-Cussion. Those litters could be any of the 4 basic colors, a rainbow offering. Those litters will come in early May. We hope to get Bonita to Grand Champion before she wants to be bred.

Look for more exciting news in the weeks to come.


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