Golden Seal Birmans
Atlanta, GA, USA
October 6, 2003

Here are a few photos from the last show we attended with Zander, the Atlanta Allbreed Show. He's enjoying himself but doesn't like the door closed to his cage. Thanks to Sylvia Dodson for most of the photos and all of the special borders. Zander earned BOB and best champion in 4 of the 6 rings and a 3rd best longhair champion under Judge Lynn Search at this show.

We are delighted to have entertained CH Santal Yo! Cream Puff (photo to follow) for several weeks on his way to his new home in South Africa. He has been entertaining a couple of our girls during his visit here and we'll soon know how entertaining he was. If he did his job we will have two litters of kittens due shortly before Thanksgiving. Stay tuned for details.

Best, Sallie

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