Golden Seal Birmans
Atlanta, GA, USA
June 26, 2003

Ventura came to us in January to entertain two girls for us and has produced 7 kittens here. He has just retired from the studly life and is looking for a new home. His ideal home will provide him with lots of love and attention and no other boys but perhaps a girl or a female kitten in the future. Ven is a constant purrball who never really enjoyed being a stud very much because it took him out of the mainstream of family life and he's now ready to rejoin. If you feel you and Ven would make a good match please be in touch with us.

We visited our old friend GP Tai Ming's Topper over the weekend and found him doing very well. He's his same old Mr. Personality self that he was when he carried the flag for lynx Birmans in the days before they were accepted for showing in CFA. He is keeping his family, including Sandy, the 150 pound Spanish mastiff he lives with, in line. He's always been very clear about his likes and dislikes and his family now refer to him as Nip-o-dermis since this is how he communicates.

Willow's litter of 4 kittens is growing up fast. Their colors have been a bit undetermined but I now think we have 1 lilac girl who will be staying with us, 1 blue boy and 2 chocolate boys. These kitties will be meeting their new families in the next couple of weeks. If you would like a kitty and are not currently on my list then please be in touch. We are planning two other litters later this year one with our blue point girl, Xara, and one with our seal tortie girl, Toots.


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