Golden Seal Birmans
Atlanta, GA, USA
Nov 7, 2002
Golden Seal Birmans is very proud to announce that Heartbir's Upeti of Golden Seal has granded in Premiership at our own club show this past weekend, Cotton States Cat Club. Peti finished up with 84 points, well past the 75 required, making finals in Diana Doernberg and Sheila Mitzi's rings.

She has been living in a pet home with a large Maine Coon boy, Bastian, since the spring and only has come out to play with us to get her grand. We will see if Peti's new family, Jette & Kris Binder, want to carry on Peti's show career. Peti makes her parents, GC Jinbirlee's Shadow of Heartbir and CH Heartbir's Touch of Class, very proud indeed.

We had also hoped that Peti's daughter, Golden Seal Willow, would complete her grand in championship at this show but she is now up to 189 points of the 200 she needs. She'll soon join her mother in the "Grand Parade." We had a photo taken of the two girls at the show last weekend which we will post as soon as it gets back to us. Willow's father is Dunnydeer's Rapture of Tai Ming.

On the kitten front, at weigh in today we have one kitten who is already up to a pound which is pretty exceptional as he's not yet a month old. He's the only blue in the litter. The others are right behind him with one at 15 ounces and two at 12 ounces. These little guys are adorable; when you go into their room the come out of their den with their little round heads and their little round eyes. They are just beginning to look like individuals. Three are lilac and one is blue. I'll post photos this weekend.

Best regards,
Sallie Smith

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