Golden Seal Birmans
Atlanta, GA, USA
Mar 29, 2002
Breeding is not always endless cute kittens and amusing antics. Willow had her kittens Tuesday evening. Two of three survived; one of the survivors was born without one front foot. We are calling her Peggy, below. The best guess there is it is due to an in utero accident as otherwise Peggy appears quite normal and is a good sized kitten. One of those mysteries of creation and the frailties thereof. Both kittens and Willow are doing well.

Wisty and her 5 kittens are also coming along nicely, pictured below at 5 days old.

Both the momma's and their litters are in our bedroom; Wisty prefers the bottom of our closet; Willow has kitten quarters set up in the large cage from which she can come and go. The other residents are a bit miffed that they can't all be in the bedroom too, but there is a limit to how many cats you can get in one room and still expect to sleep. Nine seems to be it for now (2 moms, 7 kittens).

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