Golden Seal Birmans
Atlanta, GA, USA
Jan 19, 2002
Sometimes I feel like life's a blur. Xara's two cute lilac girl kittens turned into two cute lilac boy kittens after a visit to the vet and are now slated for new homes in about a week's time. We also had two seal girls come back to us who had been with another breeder for a year or so. This brought us up to too many girls in the house so we decided that since we now have two of her daughters that Peti should be spayed and we will find a new home for her where she can be someone's adored lap and pillow cat, a job she was really designed for. We hate to see Peti leave because she is such a sweet girl but it's only fair to her. (See her write up under Available Cats)

We think that Willow, one of Peti's daughters who has just returned, might be pregnant. If so she is due in early February. We also are now breeding both Wanita and Wisteria and if those breedings are successful they will have kittens in March. We're still waiting to see if our seal tortie girl, Toots, is pregnant. If so her kittens will be due in late February.

In the meantime, we have neutered Rebel and will be showing him. He's available when he has granded, which we hope will be by June. He's a great little guy and so far loves to show. His next outing will be in Ft. Mill, SC (Charlotte) in early February.

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