Golden Seal Birmans
Atlanta, GA, USA
Jan 14, 2002

Stella & Betsy

About a week ago we lost an old friend who has gone ahead to the Rainbow Bridge. Her name was Stella, the lovely Stella, as I always called her. She wore a now trendy coat design of black and white cow spots but it really suited her and she was well dressed before others picked up on the trend.

More than 10 years ago, I got to know Stella when I began to call on her human mom, Betsy, for business. Stella would always come out to check and see who had come by. Stella had a feline friend Snarf who is also left behind. In her later years Stella developed some skin allergy problems and I came by to give her allergy shots during an extended vacation that Betsy took with her (then) new husband, Dave.

Over the years Stella lived in 5 different homes while I knew her but I think she liked her last one the best. It had a lovely sunny deck where she and Snarf could go out and bask in the sun. At our last visit right before Christmas Stella was having a modestly "up" day but her medications were heavy and we all knew her time was limited. Finally her heart would no longer let her continue.

Stella wasn't a pedigreed cat as we in the cat fancy think of it but she was a cat of great style and class, the sort for whom pedigrees are just not necessary. Until later, Lovely Stella....


Stella and Snarf

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