Golden Seal Birmans
Atlanta, GA, USA
Nov 27, 2001
We had a bit of excitement this morning as I was preparing breakfast for the kitties. A small bird flew down the chimney and up the stairs to the computer room with a pack of Birmans in hot pursuit !! Xara, the mother of the two kittens, was the best at stalking and catching the bird in the computer room and carried it around in her mouth for several minutes and then when she dropped it the bird would escape under a piece of furniture. I believe that the bird finally made good its departure when I opened a window, took the screen off and darkened every other part of the room. I left it alone for a couple of hours while I was out and it has not reappeared.

Xara was very proud of herself that she could catch the bird. (Thank goodness she didn't learn the "kill & eat" part, too.) She should also be proud of her litter of two lilac girls. They are coming along nicely and learning to play with Rebel, the older blue kitten. See a movie clip of Rebel and the lilac kittens!

We have two kittens in the red litter already spoken for by previous pet buyers. We have only the seal tortie and one of the lilacs still available for adoption.

We'll have to consider our approach to Christmas now with a house full of kittens. That is always fun. Kittens love to climb trees.

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