Golden Seal Birmans
Atlanta, GA, USA
Sep 26, 2001
We have waited all week for our next set of kittens. The set born last week were born on day 66 which is a bit longer than usual. Since both litters have the same father we were not surprised when this litter was born on day 66 also.

Today's queen was very considerate and waited to have her babies until after the humans AND the kitties had eaten their breakfast. Today's set is two and they will be either blue or lilac in color. We believe we have a boy and a girl.

The parents are CH Heartbir's Xara of Golden Seal and GC Heartbir's Redeemer. Everyone is plugged in and nursing and mom seems pretty content with her arrangements. As is usual at Golden Seal, mother and kittens make their "nest" in a large, covered litter box (dedicated to this purpose, of course) which is draped to keep it quiet and dim - just the way mother likes it. Xara is free to come and go and the babies are safe and sound.

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