Golden Seal Birmans
Atlanta, GA, USA
Aug 29, 2001
We are so pleased to announce that Tai Ming's Topper, seal lynx point, age 4 years, 8 months, has granded in premiership at Sacred Cat of Burma Fanciers show in Medina, Ohio, this weekend.

Topper was the standard bearer for the proposed lynx points and has shown at all the major shows including the CFA International, NBF (both NJ & TX) and SCBF (OH) since he was 4 months old to promote the beauty of his color pattern and his goodness as a true Birman. He has to thank this weekend Judges Diana Doernberg and John Colilla as well as others who believed in him in the past, particularly Bob Molino, Leslie Faltisek, Lois Jensen, Brian Pearson. It's been a long haul but worth it. Topper will complete his farewell tour with appearances at NBF in New Jersey and our own Cotton States Cat Club show in November in Atlanta.

Topper's breeder, Frances Price, who could not attend these last few shows personally, is immensely proud of his accomplishments; all Birman breeders should be of hers also, for both making him possible and for her tireless promotion of new Birman colors in CFA.

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