Golden Seal Birmans
Atlanta, GA, USA
Jun 2, 2001
Wisty's litter is growing well. We have named them Dusty, Lefty and Miss Kitty (for all you PHC fans out there). This week they started eating real food. There is always one who starts first and in this litter it was Lefty.

Lefty is the adventurer and during his early adventuring, Wisty was a bit klutzy when she kept retrieving him back to the nest. So, Lefty needed some stitches in his neck from momma's dragging. He is doing well regardless and continues to be the adventurer.

Miss Kitty is the smallest (a girl); she was the one needing some extra TLC in the early nursing stage.

Dusty is the biggest; a lovely looking boy with what seems to be developing into good markings, size, and head type.

This is the messy stage as they try to figure out the purpose and timing of the litter box. But they are getting the hang of things and will be back to cute and fluffy soon. Meanwhile, we have a use for all the old newspapers.

We keep them in a roomy cage at this stage both for their comfort and safety and our sanity. Whenever we open the door, they all tumble out and want to get in a lap. We give each one some individual lap time.

Their next passage will be when they can climb the cage wire and get to the second level where Wisty can now rest in peace. That luxury will end shortly for her.

When they have the litter box figured out, they will be allowed out on the floor for some big-time playing.

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