Golden Seal Birmans
Atlanta, GA, USA
January 17, 2001
It's been a hectic couple of months between getting the flu and having the red kittens develop a diahrroea that took us a while to control - ugh. The kittens stayed an extra couple of weeks just to be sure they were OK before they went to new homes but all are now placed and settling in (see Birman Tails).

On the show circuit Willow has been picking her way towards her grand championship. She needed 24 points after Cotton States, back in November, so we took her to one more show before Christmas where she got no points. Then this past weekend she went to a show in High Point, NC and got 3 points for one Best Champion ribbon. That leaves her with 21 points needed. We'll take her and her mother, Peti to Birmingham at the end of the month and hope to finish up there. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

The best news of all is that over the weekend we learned that the CFA Birman breed council voted to advance the lynx and red factor cats to championship !! This is something we have been working towards since 1997. We still do not have a red cat of enough generations breeding birman-to-birman to exhibit in CFA but our next generation will do it. We started with a 2nd generation seal tortie girl and after 5 litters from those lines we have two, fourth generation seal tortie girls to advance the program. Their offspring will go into the show ring. We can hardly wait !!

We are also awaiting the return of Wisteria from Iowa where she has been for breeding since last June. We thought it would be a quick trip. Girls will fool you though. We are also awaiting some heat cycles from Upeti and Willow, after she completes her grand championship. Until then we are without kittens in our house.

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