Golden Seal Birmans
Atlanta, GA, USA
November 9,2000
Last weekend was the Cotton States Cat Club show, our club's show. Friskies were the major show sponsor and brought the Friskies Cat Team to demonstrate how to train your cat (basically, the cats' motto is: Will work for food).

Willow has been stuggling to grow her coat out since blowing it away sometime the latter part of August. She has been to several shows where she didn't make a single point - she isn't accustomed to that. Last weekend was better. She made 3rd best longhair champion under Kitty Angel and Bob Molino. That gives her another 36 points leaving her with less than 24 more needed to Grand. We were particularly gratified that she finalled under 2 judges who do "know" their Birmans, especially in the face of the type of Persian competition we get in this area.

We took Scarlet, our prima cata, who has been resting at home for several shows; she made 3 finals (2x 6th Best + 9th Best Cat in Premiership) proving that the old girl still has it in her.

Salem also got the last 4 points he needed to Grand. We took Jim along to keep him company in the Premier class, and even Jim seemed to enjoy himself - he hasn't been to a show for several years.

To cap off the day Scarlet held the winning ticket to win the show grand prize: a gold Panda coin which was the theme for this show, Pandamonium. The Atlanta zoo has recently gotten two pandas on loan from China and they are a local cause celebre. The coin is worth about $200. Way to go Scarlet !!

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