Golden Seal Birmans
Atlanta, GA, USA
March 25, 2000
Due mainly to lots of other stuff going on it has been a while since the last Cattery Diary entry. So, here's a brief update.

Peti's seal-point kittens have now gone to their new homes, much to Peti's relief and delight.
-- Willow joined Wanita (Tinkie's girl) in Columbia, SC where they will be the foundation of another branch of the Golden Seal Empire;
-- Wendy went to Bellebir Birmans in Stillwater, Minnesota, in return for a red factor breeding they did for us. Ellen has long wanted a cat from Wendy's lines and will be adding her to the breeding program there.

Salem championed in the Columbia, SC show and got his first points towards his 'Grand' at the Atlanta Phoenix show. He is beginning to get over some of his shyness now.

Wisty also championed in Columbia but chose the Saturday morning of the Atlanta Phoenix show to come into her first heat. Sucking up to judges was definitely NOT on her agenda that weekend and we had to leave her home to get over it.

The red litter at the Golden Seal (Tucker, GA) branch are all spoken for and will be getting neutered/spayed this Monday before going to their new homes later that week.

Huey, the tortie girl in Tucker, came for her first date with Doonie the Chocolate stud 2 weeks ago. This will help determine if she really is a Chocolate Tortie herself. Her babies will then be fifth generation "red factor" birmans and will augment the AOV class on the road to recognising the reds for CFA championship judging.

Rapture continues to enjoy his vacation with the girls of Katascali Cattery in sunny California. He now has 2 litters there on the ground.

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