Golden Seal Birmans
Atlanta, GA, USA
January 8,2000
It's been a rowdy household this week. We've decided that Velvet, our visiting seal lynx queen, comes into heat silently and then when she goes out she howls! Sunny was kind enough to point this out to us by breeding her when there were no audible signs from her. So once Velvet began to talk she inspired Peti who does howl when she is in heat. Sunny's ready, but Peti has had two litters in the past year and we'd like to hold her off for a while so her body can recover a bit from carrying and raising babies.

Doonie is settling into his new digs but still is getting used to Paul and me. We go out and play with him and comb him and he likes that. I'm not sure he understands about climbing to the top of the shelves to look out the window. He didn't have to do any climbing in his last abode and I think we'll have to train him. He'll be getting a walk in cage soon and it has high shelves so I hope he can learn how to take full advantage.

The two seal girl kittens have great fun playing with their big sister, Wisty. She has endless fun chasing them around and jumping straight up in the air to avoid a kitten charge. Since Mama Peti is in heat it has helped the babies to have an interested older friend.

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